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I was interviewed for a long term contract

By zlitocook ·
Last week and I had an interview with the head of IT was not what I expected. They questioned me on alot of XP and server 2003 topics but then asked what I know about Ghost, cloning and other copying programs. I do get these questions sometimes but they wanted to know if I could copy protected CD's or DVD's!
I said yes I have done this before to help protect paid for programs. To copy one copy is ok to protect the original. I said I have no problem with this as long as they have the OEM with box or CD case with the OEM.
I have been a contractor for awhile and I know that some companies protect thier software and back up all of thier paid for software as much as they can.
The contracting company called me back the next day and asked if I would start on Monday.
I asked one question. What are they copying and why? I was never called back to the company or the contractor.
What do you think, should you copy software if the company has not paid for it? Or if the company you work for is using more software then they have paid for?
I was a shape goat once in 99 and will not be there a second time.

I know a person in the company he said they use every thing from Windows for work groups (that was the first Windows with a GUI) to Win98 and NT. But they have never had a true copy or Licence for any of those.
They needed a person to copy the copies they have and go to the other locations and ether reload or fix there problems.
I was reading the other posts about this and found one that said this was another post about doing what you should not, Well there are alot of companys that still do this and you still need to watch out for it!

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by M_a_r_k In reply to You know ...

That's a stimulating visual about the fireworks... If we can't find that elusive iguana, we'll have another option. The Chinese invented fireworks. We'll have to fly over China to get to Tahiti (I'll have to take the long route to Tahiti because I'll need to go to the UK first ). We can make a quick stop in China, break into a fireworks warehouse and steal a couple of crates of fireworks. Breaking into the DVD warehouse before the trip will have been good practice.

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by paul.cook In reply to Excellent idea

M_a_r_k: "That reminds me, I am digusted that Brokeback Mountain is up for so many Academy Awards."

I'm wondering if you've even seen the movie.
IMHO it's not great, but it was good.

But you're disgusted? Why? It's just a love story. Get over it.

If a movie doesn't interest you, don't see it. King Kong got some nods, so did Memoirs of a Geisha, so did War of the Worlds. No interest to me. So i won't go see them.

But "disgusted?"
Live your life, let others live theirs.

Sorry, folks. Not very on-topic, I know.

**ON Topic**
Don't illegally copy software. Bad. Bad. Disgusting.

**OFF Topic**

BTW March of the Penguins is a phenomenal film. Well worth the $10.

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Think how cool

by Dr Dij In reply to One of them would be fun

Snake, on the Simpson's is?

moneybag with $ sign? check
loaded gun? check
powerbar? check

Awlrite, let's go rob this... Bowlarama?

Snake's galfriend: I wish you would stick to something and learn a trade..

Snake reply: I dropped out of those telemarketing fraud classes because I hated to bother people at home in the evening..

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i assume

by mjwx In reply to Tee hee hee

that it is for purely "educational purposes" that you want to learn such skills

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Educational Purposes??

by stargazerr In reply to i assume

Sure ... Put it that way ...

but these things dont have to be learnt ... Everyone has an inbuilt devil in them


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It seems so obvious doesn't it?

by tfitzpatrick In reply to Sure...copy all the softw ...

I totally agree with Mark. There does not seem to me to be any question here. What the company is asking you to do, or potentially do, is not only illegal, it is also imorale. If the Exec wants to steal from the comapny, then let him or her do it themselves. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't get paid enough to put my own butt on the line for some Exec who is not willing to fork over for software.

Always take the high road.

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It's like murder and killing at war

by just_chilin In reply to Sure...copy all the softw ...

Would you kill if you knew the war you were fighting was based on a lie?

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Take the war to your home town

by RUinIT2 In reply to It's like murder and kill ...

Sloppy thinking and quite beside the point.

A lot of wars have been started because of lies. That does not change the fact that many people go to war to defend their homes and families. Not all wars are fought at someone elses doorstep as the US wars have been for the last 50 years.

I'll be hellbent if someone attacking my country is going to pillage, rape and kill family and friends of mine without me trying to stop them. It does not matter what sparked the war, I'll defend whats mine!

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by vltiii In reply to It's like murder and kill ...

The decision to go to war for whatever reason right or wrong is a political one. Members of the military are not politicians nor do they have the option to pick and choose which battles they will participate in. They take an oath to among other things obey the orders of those appointed over them including the Commander In Chief. I respect the beliefs of those that are against war, but they need to consider what role their beliefs will play in their military career prior to joining the military.

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You can't copy certain protected cd, dvds

by Dr Dij In reply to I was interviewed for a l ...

there is a hardware block built into every cd / dvd drive except for certain licensed bulk replicators.

games in particular use this, and sdk's are available to write cds that put critical parts on the uncopyable sectors, e.g. macrovision.

maybe they weren't asking if you would copy but if you could copy?

or maybe was a moral question like you thought.

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