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I was interviewed for a long term contract

By zlitocook ·
Last week and I had an interview with the head of IT was not what I expected. They questioned me on alot of XP and server 2003 topics but then asked what I know about Ghost, cloning and other copying programs. I do get these questions sometimes but they wanted to know if I could copy protected CD's or DVD's!
I said yes I have done this before to help protect paid for programs. To copy one copy is ok to protect the original. I said I have no problem with this as long as they have the OEM with box or CD case with the OEM.
I have been a contractor for awhile and I know that some companies protect thier software and back up all of thier paid for software as much as they can.
The contracting company called me back the next day and asked if I would start on Monday.
I asked one question. What are they copying and why? I was never called back to the company or the contractor.
What do you think, should you copy software if the company has not paid for it? Or if the company you work for is using more software then they have paid for?
I was a shape goat once in 99 and will not be there a second time.

I know a person in the company he said they use every thing from Windows for work groups (that was the first Windows with a GUI) to Win98 and NT. But they have never had a true copy or Licence for any of those.
They needed a person to copy the copies they have and go to the other locations and ether reload or fix there problems.
I was reading the other posts about this and found one that said this was another post about doing what you should not, Well there are alot of companys that still do this and you still need to watch out for it!

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Speaking from Personal Experience

by jonathanpanza In reply to I was interviewed for a l ...

I worked for a company that unofficially endorsed using pirated software. I was told in very roundabout ways to get certain copies of software and use it for testing. I did so like a good employee.

This company also installed versions of MS Office in many locations with fake serials instead of purchasing new seats for office. I was later fired for running a file sharing program on their network. Corporate offices tracked it and my boss came down on me. I ran this program to obtain software for work many times.

Bottom line...don't compromise your integrity. I compromised my own values and went with the trend in a corporate environment. You ultimately will hold yourself accountable to God for all these things. It's not worth compromising yourself to please others.

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