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"I wasn't happy when we found out there wasn't weapons,"

By Oz_Media ·
Well I was reviewing some comments and objections when I reread the following sentence and realized just how f***ed up it sounds.

If I was suspicious of WMD and found out there were none, I would be PRETTY DAMN HAPPY!!

For SOME reason Bush says he wasn't hapy to find out there were NO WMD.

This says MANY things;

-I sold the premise of war based on WMD (admittedly NOT to liberate people as SOME still think)

-I REALLY wanted some WMD to be found because everyone says I lied and well.......I did.

-I really was hoping thre was a geat threat to America and I would be found correct, I am 'happy to say' we ARE under threat of attack and I can now finally prove it.

-After everyone calling my bluff there are finally no cards left in the table

Anyway you look at it, CowBush F****D UP BIG TIME! And he even said as much when sayign "I wasn't happy when we found out there wasn't weapons,"

Well done, too bad we don't all have a backwards cowboy running our countries.

As a president, would you not be HAPPY to say, "Well I must admit I am happy to say I was mislead and completely wrong about the threat on our great nation!"

The problem with what SHOULD hqve been a great realization, he had already attacked them on that false premise because he didn't believe it when weapons inspectors didn't find anything.

Maybe he can believe them now, well he probably wouldn't he'll just make up some other slithering excuse.

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I stand corrected!!

by husp1 In reply to Try checking the other wa ...

thank you for the refreshing slap in the face , but the fact is that when people spend thousands of dollars for an education to get a "Better paying position" how come they are still ending up working at Mcdonalds and other low paying jobs? maybe we should add in the public sector jobs and I'll bet that the figure jumps well above 1.6 million.

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by dotxen In reply to "I wasn't happy when we f ...

We should have nuked the arabs anyway. Just to be sure.

As for WMD. Who gives a toss. As long as we get cheap oil, fine by me. Our guys and girls get some real-time combat training and we get to test weapons in a theater rather than practice. Good news all round as far as I can see. As for our losses - bad, sad news. As for the arabs, Not enough.

Tell me how you feel when your paying $5 a gallon, or in my case ?5 a gallon.

I'm with Bush, not cos I like him, but I don't want to end up walking everywhere and paying homage to the bleeding heart liberals.


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well suprise,suprise,suprise!

by husp1 In reply to BUSH and WMD

gathering from your posting you are A) young, B)english, C)not politicly educated. We are not at war with the Arabs and to use Nukes in a conflict of this nature would bring large reprisals from the rest of the free world (I should Know I was a short range tactical nuke specilist in the military) gas in england was expensive in the 60,s and 70,s as well so lower pricing here won't have any bareing to your present situation there. If anything the problem now needs to be corrected by an alternate source of energy taking our reliance off of inported Oil. since england maintains a large amount of offshore drilling perhaps your countrys economic policies need addressing.

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Hello Mr Earthworm

by dotxen In reply to well suprise,suprise,supr ...

Thanks for that. Unfortunately I am quite ancient. I am Anglo Saxon and I am also a long time member of a political party and I do have a fair political experience over many years.

But, ignoring all that, I wasn't trying to blind anyone with dialectics nor impress them with my Perspicuity. I made the remarks for provocation, to make a debate and also to reflect a widely held view here in the UK. However, as a military instructor and with three months in Arab captivity in 1973 (North Africa), I think I do speak with some knowledge if not with compassion.

My own personal view is simple. The Arabs are a primitive psychology even if they are intelligent as a people. I'm not sure that any liberal person in my country would be tolerated in theirs. We have 1.5 Million Muslims here in the UK. As a group they form the largest bunch of whinging victims that I am aware of. Not only do they want to change our laws, reject our culture and language, they also want preferential treatment. Sorry, but I don't know about US citizens, but I can tell you right off, that we do not tolerate this behaviour and Mulims are not our favourite people right now. They are protecced by a very loud and vociferous minority of hand-wringers and do-gooders who would support anyone that looks remotely lik e a victim of something or other. I'm sure you have people like this running around the States 'caring' for our foreign brothers and sisters.

My country has been engaged in hostilities with the Muslim world for over a thousand years. I really can't see that this is going to change when we see them beheading our aid-workers, burning our flag, picking up the millions of our overseas aid and being totally unable to move out of the 7th century in their ideas and idealogy. There is no communication between our cultures. We have tried and failed on that front. There is only one way to deal with them, no talking, no debate, no mercy.

It is sad and I do have a concience, but I can see that the future is pretty bleak unless we take a practical and aggressive stance now and put a stop to that problem.

Thanks for your response. I respect your views and it's good that you, at least, had the interest, courtesy and care to reply.

Best regards


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