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I will donate $500

By maxwell edison ·

That might even buy her a one-way ticket without anyone else's help.

It's obvious she's lying, however, because if she'd rather live there, she could and would live there. What's stopping her?

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Right you are faradhi :)

by rob mekel In reply to Freedom of Speech is not ...

If a freedom of ... is proclaimed there can not be any conditions whereby this freedom stops, other then dishonoring/insulting any one.

Most of these insults are made right on the person and not on the general rule. That is why some of us do feel attacked if any one speaks up not to their believes and take the speakers opinion as an personal attack on them.
I for one, at least I hope, can have a big argument with some one but do like the peer very much and have drink and a talk at the pool in the backyard of the house (his/hers or mine, that is if I had a pool, do have some fine drinks tho)


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Not only that, but it's bass-ackwards

by maxwell edison In reply to Freedom of Speech is not ...

The people who cussed and abused and criticized and threatened and spat upon the returning Vietnam soldiers are the same people (or same kind of people) who "support the troops, but oppose the war" today. They're simply trying to atone for past sins. But if anything, they're backwards.

Many, if not most, of the GIs returning from Vietnam were DRAFTED. They didn't have a choice but to go, and they received the brunt of the abuse. Today, however, ALL of the soldiers are there BY CHOICE.

They support the ones who choose to serve, but they opposed the ones who did not choose to serve. How stupid is that logic.

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I do, however, agree with one thing you said

by maxwell edison In reply to Freedom of Speech is not ...

You said that you believe the press is using her to advance their own agenda. I agree.

And I'm glad you agree with me (by definition) that the press DOES have an agenda, and that the press DOES advance that agenda, and it's not to merely "inform".

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Freedom of Speech is not ...

The right to free speech belongs to every American, as does the responsibility for the consequences of that speech. They're a package deal.

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Interesting perspective. I felt that but didn't

by j.lupo In reply to Yep,

think of it in that way. You are right. We are accountable for not only our actions, but what we say. Having a freedom, any freedom, does not exclude us from the accountability of using that freedom.

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Hear, Hear !!

by rob mekel In reply to Interesting perspective. ...

And right you are.


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She is crazy but she makes the news

by j.lupo In reply to And I am right there with ...

typical. I believe in supporting our troops. I am opposed to all war, but I learned a long time ago that the opposite of war is not peace. Peace is the ideal, the dream we strive toward. It is a vision and goal that we all want in our own way.

The problem is that we all have a different vision of what that is. Shouldn't we all have the same vision? (read heavy sarcasm)

Diversity breeds conflict. Now not all conflict is bad. There are two types positive conflict and negative conflict. I think of one as motivating and solution oriented while the other is demotivating and crippling.

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Who does the biggest disservice?

by jdclyde In reply to I will donate $500

Cindy and her half hearted protest, or the press that GLEEFULLY jump all over any an every negative thing?

Is it the people that attack anyone that uses THEIR freedom of speech to talk against what this "grieving mother" is saying?

Is it the people that publicly attack Colter for her comments, that then turn around and blindly defend Shehan?

As far as the media and the very rabid left are concerned, it is only a select few who actually deserve this thing called freedom of speech it seems.

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My opinion of sheehan is much that of my opinion of Moore

by mjwx In reply to Who does the biggest diss ...

They use the news platform to spout their politics (which I have little interest in hearing). Whist at first I did sympathise with the mother who lost her son (who wouldn?t?) this it too far.

It was neverbusted or TJ who suggested to me that the gossip was a far better way to get the "skinny" as he called it which I am assuming means "an idea of what?s going on" (skinny in this context is not a commonly used term in my neck of the woods). It?s sad that idle gossip has become more reliable than news services. This may also explain why I don?t read the paper much these days.

What (some) Americans need to remember is that I'm not leftist (by the American spectrum) I'm foreign which means some of my ideas and perceptions are going to be different to what you may consider norm. I think once the shock of us being different has worn off we make quiet a lot of sense.

As I said about the particular lady in question, she is just using this to spout her politics and get attention, it?s sad that people are still biting. I do consider a good protest a good thing but this is going way, way too far. But then again I see this kind of activity (political posturing/advertising) going on everywhere, there are even those here on TR and I am not mentioning names, who are extremely critical (some may even say hypocritical) of politics which are not their own.

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