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IBM T60 laptop: Mouse uncontrollably scrolls at random

By fatmanskinny ·
I have seen this on 3 brand new T60 laptops including mines.

I could be randomly working in a Microsoft application and suddenly, the mouse will crazily scroll in one direction.

When I try to pull the scroll bar down, it shoots right back to the top or bottom. It happens randomly.

I used different USB mice, uninstalled and reinstalled the mouse driver on each machine, checked the mouse options in Control Panel and it is still doing the same thing.

Any idea? Thanks.

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Uncontrollable Scroll

by TBoneTerwilliger In reply to IBM T60 laptop: Mouse unc ...

I have also had this problem, but have not come up with a concrete solution. If you unplug the mouse, the problem stops happening, but will eventually come back. I've tried BIOS updates, UltraNav updates, installing mouse drivers for those crap IBM mice and nothing has worked. Hooking up a different mouse doesn't work either. This occurs in other apps than MS as well, I've had the scroll bar take off in Lotus Notes. Have you found a solid fix that works? No software or hardware update that I've tried has worked. I did put in a call to Lenovo Support, but the problem stopped happening so the support guy said he fixed it. The problem occurred about 3 days later.

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Oversensitive Mouse Pad

by kholden In reply to Uncontrollable Scroll

The same thing is happening to several T60 users here including my internal tech support person. He felt that it was due to an oversensitive mouse touch pad and that dirt (such as crumbs from eating while working!) triggers it. I don't know if I agree but I have nothing else at this point.

I usually reboot and it's fixed.

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by shirtbird In reply to Oversensitive Mouse Pad

We've had this issue occur with USB mice (MS Intellimice) on both T60s and T4x fixes, just a reboot like the others. It typically just goes away.

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Same issue here

by Dan Le In reply to Ditto


We've had the same issue here and are still investigating. We believe this to be an issue with the virtual scrolling on the Lenovo T60 range.

You can disable the Virtual scrolling which should stop this issue from re-occurring - This is what we are using as a workaround until Lenovo come back with a fix.

Click Start
Control Panel
Double Click the Mouse option
Select the UltraNav Tab
Under Touchpad, click the Settings button
Select Virtual Scrolling
Un-tick "Enable Vertical Scrolling" and "Enable Horizontal Scrolling".

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Turn off the Touch Pad

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IBM T60 laptop: Mouse unc ...

Mine seems to interfere with my mouse actions.

Also, if you've got a tiny hair in the lens area of the mouse, you don't see it, but it waves about in the optical beam.

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Virtual scrolling

by Dan Le In reply to Turn off the Touch Pad

In the cases i've seen, disabling the virtual scrolling has worked. Obviously, if you use virtual scrolling it will no longer work until its re-enabled.

Out of interest did you completely turn off the touchpad or just the scrolling virtual section?

I am currently using Driver revision Might be that a different driver version presents different options?

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laptop mouse hardware problem

by vokaria In reply to Virtual scrolling

Seing the same problem on multiple laptops, all related to the eraser head mouse or touchpad solid connection to the body of laptop or the keyboard. As the laptop is flexed or pressed, the mouse is affected. Also, the dust and dirt need to be removed. My fix for the hard connection problem is to twist a strip of teflon (about 2mm wide) into a thread, and insert under the screws holding the mouse or touchpad assembly in place. The touchpad is trickier, as there is more area to be flexed. If the external mouse is used, simply disabling the internal one will do the trick.

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R52 also

by williamcardwell In reply to IBM T60 laptop: Mouse unc ...

I have the same problem with my ThinPad R52

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Fixing erratic mouse

by djeady In reply to IBM T60 laptop: Mouse unc ...

OK, first I think there are two things going on here. Those who have their cursor taking off madly in some direction should just turn their touchpad off - sometime you just have to get your hand near to it for it to sense movement.

If you have cursor creep on the T60, chances are one of the little screws that hold the strain gauge in place is not tightened evenly.

1. Unplug the laptop

2. Undo the 4 screws on the bottom of the laptop that hold the keyboard - they are clearly labelled.

3. Tilt the wrist rest towards you, then gently lift the keyboard out. Be careful of the cables that are attached to both pieces.

4. Gently tighten the 4 black screws that you can see through the metal cover on the bottom of the keyboard.

5. Reassemble and all should be well.

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Mouse scrolls for me too

by jnellis In reply to IBM T60 laptop: Mouse unc ...

Ok I'm working on T60p that is about 3 weeks old. I've tried all different mice including an 1800 dpi Razer Diamondback Gaming mouse (for those of you who know your mouse you know what I'm talking about). I have similar problems with automatic scrolling. I've tried updating drivers, reinstalling drivers, changing mouse, rebooting, unplugging and reconnecting....but to no avail. The problem will still come back every now and then. Most of the errors come inside of Internet Exporer, Adobe Audition 1.5 or Outlook. Any suggestions for a fix?


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