IBM Thinkpad T42 Lights Blinking, Doesn't Boot or Power On successfully

By shaliu ·
I have an IBM Thinkpad T42 2378. I tried to plug in a printer on the USB port and somehow broke the plastic that's inside the port. My laptop just shut down after that. When I tried to turn it back on, it only gives me blinking lights. Out of the six lights on the LCD, (Num Lock, Caps Lock, HD, Power, Battery, and Crescent Moon for Hibernate), the only one that doesn't blink is the HD light. The lights start blinking immediately after I press the power button. I don't get any sound from the computer, no fan, no HD, nothing. Not even the screen turns on. The only other thing that is "on" is the light of the CD drive, which also blinks at the constant rhythm and speed as the other five blinking lights.

I tested the battery and power adapter and found both to be working fine. When I plug in the power adapter with the battery attached to the computer, the battery light is orange, meaning it's charging. But when I press the power button, the lights start blinking again. I removed the battery and only turned on the computer with the power adapter, and still got the blinking lights.

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please help!!!

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IBM Thinkpad T42 Lights Blinking, Doesn't Boot or Power On successfully

by Blaise10 In reply to IBM Thinkpad T42 Lights B ...

Hi, I have the same problem as above with my T42 2373-H12.

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Also check your USB connectors

by bucknastey In reply to IBM Thinkpad T42 Lights B ...

I had pins in one of my USB ports that was broken. One of the pins were pressed against the metal casing. Once I put this back up in its original place using a very small screwdriver, the machine booted up.

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Bit late with this answer don't you think?

by OH Smeg In reply to Also check your USB conne ...

The question was asked in 2007, I don't think that it would still be an issue.


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USB ports

by oharaphil In reply to IBM Thinkpad T42 Lights B ...

A lot of issues have been reported with the T42 and usb ports . Most have been lucky in that the laptop still worked and they only lost the ability to use the built in USB ports. So have seen same issue as your self and the old fix was either sending the laptop back to IBM to fix ( replace motherboard )

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by jim In reply to IBM Thinkpad T42 Lights B ...

So at one of my locations, the maintenance guy comes to me and asks me to 'get him on the wifi' - he'd just gotten a used IBM T40 for $250. A quick look showed the software incompatible with WPA. No problem, I downloaded the updated driver and put it on my Cruzer Micro.

I inserted the pendrive into the port, but instead of hearing the "budum" sound, I was greeted by click and a black screen. It was DEAD - beyond recovery.

Killed by a pen drive -- astonishing.

Now I owe him 250 bucks. ~_~

Lesson: if you own a t40 (or t42 apparently) back up frequently.

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