IBM Thinkpad T60 - fingerprint reader problems

By Michael95 ·
Hi everyone,

I have recently taken delivery of a Thinkpad T60, which generally works very well. The only thing is that I'm having problems with the fingerprint reader. I have enrolled my fingerprint but the problem is when I try to log in by swiping my finger across the fingerprint reader window it just doesn't seem to read my fingerprint. I have tried cleaning the reader's scanning window with a soft cloth but no luck. It did work when I initially enrolled my fingerprints.

I'm sure I'm swiping my finger across the Window in the correct manner - it just seems as though the reader is not activating itself correctly.

The version of the fingerprint reader software I have on this machine is version 5.5.0 build 2918.

Any suggestions much appreciated - Thanks


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Have you tried...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IBM Thinkpad T60 - finger ...

Washing your hands?

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by Absolutely In reply to Have you tried...

I use a T43, which also has a fingerprint reader, and find the error messages pretty informative when I swipe my finger too fast, too slow, off-center, etc. Are you seeing any such error messages, or does it just 'play dumb' when you swipe your finger?

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Nothing at all

by Michael95 In reply to Ha-ha!

It's just playing dumb....

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by ar_shashikumar In reply to Ha-ha!

Hi, T43 laptop does not come with Finger print reader.

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by Absolutely In reply to T43

Close enough.

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later version

by oharaphil In reply to IBM Thinkpad T60 - finger ...

There is a version 5.6 of the software available . Have you tried installing this?

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The 5.6 version

by Michael95 In reply to later version

I intalled the 5.6 version of the software but it hasn't made any difference... I'm thinking I have a possible hardware fault ???

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new version 5.6

by oharaphil In reply to The 5.6 version

After you installed the new version , does it let you configure the s/w ..I.e can you swipe your finger. Do you get any messages telling you to go slower , move left, right etc.
If its not doing anything at at during this stage . I would be inclined to agree with hardware fault and next step is call to IBM support to get Engineer call out to see if they can fix it...

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by Michael95 In reply to new version 5.6

Can't get the enrollment program to recognise my fingerprint swipes. As you say I think I'm going to have to get IBM to take a look at it.

Thanks for your advice

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Thinkpad fingerprint error

by cruzsach In reply to Agreed...

Hi, i've almost the same error with my T60

What did you do to solve your problem??

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