Icons in system tray don't display (sometimes)

By john3347 ·
I have a problem with a computer that does not display some of the icons in the system tray indicating that the application is running. This is not consistent, sometimes, at boot-up, only the virus scan icon appears, sometimes others. There is no apparent consistency. The speaker volume control icon, safe to remove hardware icon, printer icon, etc do not appear. I am satisfied that the various applications are actually running so I might as well have the shortcut available in the system tray. Anybody have any suggestions??

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by bincarnato In reply to Icons in system tray don' ...

Have you checked to see if they are hidden? I am assuming you are running XP or Vista. Right click on the task bar and choose properties. Look to see if "Hide inactive icons" is checked.

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Yes and No

by john3347 In reply to Hidden?

Yes, I am running XP Pro Sp2 and no, the icons are not hidden. They just don't load at start-up most of the time. The functions are available by accessing them via a different route (ie: speaker volume control functions normally from "sounds" in "control panel", etc. The box is even checked in "sounds" to display icon in system tray, but icon does not display.) I can uncheck the "display icon" box in sounds then click "ok", then recheck it and click "ok" again and the volume icon will appear and remain until the next reboot. I don't know how to make the "safely remove hardware" icon appear. It just shows up when it feels like it. Thank you for that suggestion, got any more??? Anybody???

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Had the same problem........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Yes and No

One of our machines had the same problem. It finally got to where nothing showed in the system tray except McAfee and the clock. I searched the internet high and low for an answer. I searched Microsoft and tried a few "sure to work" solutions that were posted here and there. I tried uninstalling most of the software and reinstalling it. I tried for months to fix it and nothing I did ever seemed to work. Like you, everything (sound, network, etc...) was functioning. I just couln't SEE that they were functioning like I used to be able to. Even the Outlook 2003 systray icon wouldn't appear when Outlook was running and especially the one that notifies you that there's new mail wouldn't appear. The worst part though of the whole thing was not being able to eject the darned thumb drive without going through the back door and jumping through hoops to do it. What a PITA! Too many clicks to find how to eject it and could never remember where heck it was at.

After months of searching for an answer, I finally just wiped the machine and started over, after copying what I needed off of it, of course.

Since then, it has been completely restored to where it was at right before I wiped it, except the icons are all there now. The same software is installed and using the same data files. Same patches have been applied everywhere (Microsoft, Adobe, Java, etc...). Same add-ins are in IE (flash, etc...) and everywhere else I could look. And, the problem has NOT returned.

Just out of curiosity, did yours start doing it shortly after an overnight, unapproved update from Microsoft? Yeah, the stealth updates! With ours, we came in one morning and found the computer had been rebooted after a so called "update" had been applied and the machine auto-restarted. You know the kind... the ones that come while you're not looking even though you have updates set to simply notify you of their availability and NOT auto download/install? Yeah, after one of THOSE, our troubles began.

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Been doing it from the start

by john3347 In reply to Had the same problem..... ...

This is a computer I assembled myself using a PC Chips motherboard and Celeron processor and has been doing this from day one. I have formatted the harddrive and have reinstalled the hardware drivers from the supplied CD 2 or 3 times each in an effort to correct the problem. I have searched several online Q&A's, including Windows forums and PC Chips FAQ's and others, for a solution and have, so far, come away empty handed. I have been through the bios settings several times and don't find anything that I recognize as related to a problem of this nature. I have checked and re-checked all jumper settings etc. and don't find a problem that I can recognize as a problem. (My level of competence is very low in the software area of a computer, but I am ok with the hardware.) The inconsistent nature of this problem is what is so perplexing to me.

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From the start huh?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Been doing it from the st ...

Ugggggg! A nightmare from the start huh? You might try downloading new drivers to a CD and go back to sqare one with it, using the new drivers rather than the supplied drivers.

Ours didn't start until I had to setup for a new user. Previous user didn't report any problem, although it could have been there and he just didn't report it to us. I didn't notice it when logged in as the administrator to create the new account, although I don't remember actually looking either.

What I don't understand is why just one computer out of a block of identical ones purchased all at the same time. We purchase our replacement PC's in blocks, unpack them as a group, plug in cords and either use a KVM to set up several at a time or just put them around a table with individual monitors/keyboards/mice and move from one to the next to get them all through their first boot, Windows patches and company software installations and more patches, and patches........ Either we didn't hold our mouth just right when we set that one up initially, or we answered questions/installed patches in a different order, or the factory HDD image on that one computer didn't go quite right when the factory built it. All I know is that there was something different about that one PC and doing a full wipe/reinstall of the OS was the only thing that fixed it.

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Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!

by blu In reply to Icons in system tray don' ...

The solution is Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm

SELECT "Show missing Icon" under "Notification Area" and activate the flag on "Disable SSDP and uPNP Services": the program disable SSDP and uPNP Services, then click Apply.
Then DESELECT "Remove the Notification Area" flag under "Notification Area" and click Apply: the Windows Shell will be restarted and... look on the tray area!

I had the same problem and now I have the solution!

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