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After five hours on this computer I am still getting nowhere. I put a new Seagate 40gig hard drive in it approx 2 months ago, it was returned to me yesterday due to explorer.exe error messages. I tried re-installing windows 98 but after installation same message. Formatted and resinstalled windows okay, but then noticed I had no cd rom drive or burner drive. The system is a Jetway board around 3years old with an 850 Cel cpu, the hard drive is partitioned into two halves. I have tried many things in the last five hours, all drives are recognised in the Bios, and in the Post boot up screen. Boot up floppy recognises cdrom and gives it a drive letter for reinstalling. Win98 installs okay (on board Lan) asks you for network identification details and finishes install, but then there is no cd rom drives. I have tried a new cd rom drive and same thing. Tried changing cd rom drive to slave from hard drive, tried changing jumpers on hard drive from Chs to Master. Trouble is in Device Manager there are yellow question marks against all ide controllers for master and slave drives. Tried redoing Fdisk, re partitioning, Tried Sys C. Same thing. I then tried a little 3 gig hard drive, installed win98 did not ask for network identification and all drives were recognised, all ide controllers were recognised in Device Manager. I am now trying it as an unpartitioned drive with the total 40gig, why is it taking the drive as a network drive?? when it does not with the 3gig. The next step will be to put the 40gig on a different computer and see what happens. Going of my brain here please help, thank you

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by computerstore_pv In reply to IDE CONTROLLERS

I think that diskaus has the right idea. If you are seeing different things on 2 different computers, I think that you have to determine if the hard drive has a problem (physical or file sytem). Seagate does have an excellent diagnostic disk that you can download for free. If it tells you that the hard drive is good, do the low level format (Seagate may call it "writing all zeros").

There still remains the fact that the computer did the same with the 20 HD earlier. ??

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by shantie In reply to

Yes this seems to have solved the problem, downloaded both diagnostic and disc wizard both recognised the hard drive and said okay, disc wizard formatted it and I have now reinstalled windows with no problems, I have yet to discover how this has happened to both hard drives and both same error messages. I have asked the lady to keep a log book of anything, installed/uninstalled and any downloads. Hope she does this. I did not give her back this hard drive but replaced with a new one so that we are starting from new again and see what happens. Thanks for the answer

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by shantie In reply to IDE CONTROLLERS

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