Identifying And Catching Hackers HOW ?

By denidowns ·
I Believe My Home Computer Is Being Compromised.
How Would I Know, And Is It Possible To catch Them?

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A few question for you to answer

by ManiacMan In reply to Identifying And Catching ...

1. What operating system are you running and have you applied all of the latest service packs and security updates?

2. How do you connect to the internet (DSL, Cable, Dialup) and are you using a firewall of some kind?

3. Do you have anti-virus and antispyware software installed on your PC? If so, run a full scan to see if you have a backdoor trojan running on your PC that may be compromising it. Also, have you downloaded anything suspicious recently or clicked on a suspicious attachment or link on your email?

4. If you are running Windows XP, check the even viewer log security section to see if there are a lot of unsuccessful login attempts as an administrator

If you are using a broadband connection and router, your router should have a log of all traffic coming in and the relevant IP addresses. You can trace those IP addresses back to a given ISP and if needed, legally subpoeana them to disclose who was using that given IP address in an attempt to hack into your machine or run a port scan against it. That's how law enforcement catches cybercriminals.

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Also if you have a Home Wireless setup

by OH Smeg In reply to A few question for you to ...

It is possible to steal bandwidth and allow others to use your WiFi Access Point for their own needs/uses or whatever you like to call it.

If this is the case you need to Secure it and Lock It down on the WiFi Device which is generally a Router. If this remains unsecured the WiFi Transmission goes for up to 550 yards and anyone within that range can log onto your WiFi Network and steal from you. If there is a Range Extender involved that distance can be greater.

Oh BTW anyone stealing Bandwidth or otherwise accessing your system isn't a Hacker they are a Cracker as they break in or Crack the System.

As for catching them if you have already been accused of something like downloading Kiddy Porn it's way too late to attempt to cover your A$$ as the damage has been done and the Authorities will only see this as an attempt to get out from under a Criminal Act that you are responsible for.

If there is a case of Computer Data Theft though the Relevant Authorities should be informed and allowed to investigate, but this means not touching or otherwise repairing the computer/s as they need to be tested and backtracked to the person/s responsible.


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