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Identifying Discussions ,Tags, and Blogs

By jdclyde ·
First, Discussions. I almost NEVER go into a topic and then look for discussions. It is mostly from "HOT", "NEW", or "Posts from my contacts".

Because of this, I have no idea what the topic is the discussion is posted under. Why isn't this listed SOMEWHERE on the page? Ideally where it lists "Top Members in topic". What topic is that? Change it to "Top poster in Network Administration" or something. Can always shorten it to NetAdmin or Gen Tech.

Second, instead of listing just the top tags, is there a place to see a list of ALL tags?

Sort by usage AND alphabetically would be GREAT!

I am still waiting for "Blogs by my contacts" in my contacts page!

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In truth...

by ITgirli In reply to Girli! Do you have anythi ...

The pen is far mightier than the sword, but my mind is by far more sharp and quick.

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leave the weapons?!?!

by Jaqui In reply to Hi! And welcome!

you mean I am supposed to leave my mind with her too?!?!?!?!

no way not gonna happen.

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You're halfway there

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Identifying Discussions , ...

The discussion forum is listed in the breadcrumbing of discussion itself. Just look below the top-nav header. In this case, you'd see Home > Discussions > (NEW) Site Ideas/Feedback.

The "all tags" list is coming soon. We need to fiddle with some database caching issues to make the data sorts you're asking for available, without taxing the system overmuch. In the mean time, you canuse the tag cloud on the main Discussions page (linked in the top-nav).

Blogs from your contacts exists. It's on the Blogs page. We'll see about adding a link to the contacts page as well.

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by jdclyde In reply to You're halfway there

it is a good thing, really it is!

Didn't forget about this, just been on the road so it took a while to get back. Getting caught up because will be off and running again for a few days more.

I patiently await the contact link for blogs.

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by The Admiral In reply to Identifying Discussions , ...

First, I don't blog squat. I don't need the legal problems.

Second, I don't look, I click on discussions and when the list pops up I go through all of them.

Third, whenever you personalize something you never get all of the full picture, so why should I limit myself to only two discussions?

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by M_a_r_k In reply to

What is "blog squatting"?

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Oh Almighty TR techies

by jck In reply to Identifying Discussions , ...

I see everyone asking for things you want...any possibility of identifying a discussion you *don't* want in your discussions list?

Does this already exist?

I would like to never see "Evolution Lie"...blah!

ok...just a question...brain mush...gotta go

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lets add

by Jaqui In reply to Identifying Discussions , ...

on the blog page itself, there is no tag links, no way to actualy browse blogs.

a random blog.
a few from staff, a new from last 24 hours, blogs from contacts and hot blogs.

but no search, no subject lookup, nothing.

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