IE & Firefox do not work in Vista but IM does & there is a connection

By im_it1234 ·
So I am working on a Vista Home premium machine (HP laptop). Currently IE & Firefox both will not connect to the internet. It delivers a blank page. Both Yahoo IM and MSN IM work. I can ping websites with no issues. I have removed everything, No firewall, no antivirus no external program that would block access to to net. Everything else has access to the net except the browsers will not work. The client is using a 2Wire (Yahoo DSL) wireless router/modem. I have tried to restore the machine to a previous point and it still will not allow IE & Firefox to connect. Again just a blank page.

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Still vague

by jabarrios In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

Its unclear if you've entered a web address that isn't being reached OR the blank page is your current 'home page' default. What is your home page set to ?

If you weren't reaching the internet, the browser would give you an Error page - ?

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IE & Firefox do not work in Vista but IM does & there is a connection

by jwitek In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

I had the same problem this past summer. Mine actually went started with Firefox not working but IE did. After a couple of days, IE stopped working too. I tried system restores but that didn't correct the problem especially since I was getting nearly daily updates from MS and the restore tool only keeps a fairly small number of restore points.

Although no virus tool found anything, since it was my kids' computer and didn't really have anything that needed to be saved, I got a recovery disk and restored from that. Once I rebooted, Firefox and IE started working again.

I still never found a root cause, but that is my journey.

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Look for another application

by rboswell In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

I have this problem on my XP machine and it drove me nuts for a long time. All Internet access works except for browsing. In short, no http. Rebooting would fix the problem temporarily but in about 10 minutes the http would stop again. On my machine I finally discovered the culprit to be the Cisco VPN client (v4.6). Uninstall that and the problem goes away. Now I only install the client when I need it and remove it when I'm done. Even when http went away the VPN client still worked fine. This all happened about a year ago after a Microsoft "automatic update". Never did identify which one. You can't fix the IP stack in XP so look elsewhere.

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Everything work, except my IE/Firefox browsers

by HeavySnarker In reply to Look for another applicat ...

The same occurs on my home laptop (32-bit WinXP Pro, wireless connection, Checkpoint/Zonealarm Firewall, Netgear wireless-G router). My home internet connection works fine most of the time, but every once in awhile, I would be unable to access the internet through my browsers (IE and Firefox). At the same time, AIM & Bittorrent worked perfectly fine.

I also have Cisco VPN client installed. It runs a background service at startup that might be the culprit.

The next time this happens to my connection, I'll take a look.

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I've seen this

by ScienceMikey In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

Check my blog article:
"Windows Vista Is An Internet Dropout"

~~ ScienceMikey

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IE & Firefox do not work in Vista but IM does & there is a connection

by pktrrm In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

You don't state whether you're using 64-bit Vista. If you are, and the home page that's trying to load is flash-based, it won't work and you may see a similar problem to what you're describing. Adobe is working on a 64-bit version of flash for Vista, but it's not available yet. Again, assuming that you're running 64-bit, try the 32-bit version of IE... does that work?

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HP w/Vista IE and Firefox run w/o problem

by sandradubois In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

I have Firefox 3.0.4 and IE 7.0.6001
Vista version 6.0 SP 1 on HP laptop.
I have NetGear N Router on DSL link and can connect using Firefox and/or IE. If you want me to check any parms for you, just let me know.

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Had same issue with 32-bit Vista

by guystpierre In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

I could even ssh into my local and remote servers, and retrieved my backup files with SCP, but couldn't browse the network nor the Internet with IE, Windows Explorer or Firefox. Unlike you I couldn't IM with my Yahoo. I had tried a new Antivirus (Vipre) on a few of our LAN PC and liked how it worked. Even disabling Symantec didn't help. So I finally uninstalled Symantec AV and replaced it with Vipre and the problem has disappeared.

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Clarification of Issue

by rossv In reply to IE & Firefox do not work ...

I have had a similar problem with a system using XP. A client was able to bring up the IE browser without a problem prior to installing a piece of software. There was nothing I could find that would cause the IE not to perform as it should. But a person was able to use their Outlook accounts to download emails. I installed Firefox and was able to browse the Internet using that browser but still IE would not display. I finally did a restore point, then I deleted the old IE program from computer. I also deleted the registry file for IE under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\
Internet Explorer file. Then I reinstalled IE program updated version onto the client's computer. After that all was good to go.

So if your client was able to bring up both IE and Firefox previously, there is a chance that an automatic update may have cause the sites not to work or the installation of some other software may have cause the two to stop displaying web pages.

If you have tried other fixes but have not found, you might want to try deleting both programs and then reinstalling fresh versions of each program.

Hopefully, that will work for you. Let me know the outcome.


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Sounds like dns could be the problem

by peter In reply to Clarification of Issue

Try ipconfig /all and then try pinging the name servers

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