IE & Firefox do not work in Vista but IM does & there is a connection

By im_it1234 ·
So I am working on a Vista Home premium machine (HP laptop). Currently IE & Firefox both will not connect to the internet. It delivers a blank page. Both Yahoo IM and MSN IM work. I can ping websites with no issues. I have removed everything, No firewall, no antivirus no external program that would block access to to net. Everything else has access to the net except the browsers will not work. The client is using a 2Wire (Yahoo DSL) wireless router/modem. I have tried to restore the machine to a previous point and it still will not allow IE & Firefox to connect. Again just a blank page.

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Administer and lockdown

by ireaneus In reply to Re-image was the solution

You noted that you are able to administrate her system, what are you using to adminstrate her system (remote control software).

Also you mentioned lock down, what steps did you take to lock her down? Would this be something we should do for most users, did you set her up as a user and not an administrator and the like.

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What I use

by im_it1234 In reply to Administer and lockdown

So first I have to tell you I am a amateur computer guy. I am basic IT support for my friends and family (I do hardware, software, build computers for them and do networking). I just put that disclaimer up because I know as soon as I put my suggestions up I will have a 100 people tell me this is unsecured that is unsecured....this is unstable. When I reimage any machine I do the following:

1. I like AVG antivirus. Small and does not use massive system resources.

2. I install Spybot & Immunize, I install spyware blaster & lastly Ad-aware.

3. I let them have administrator access (or I make them a power user depending...for example some teenage kids).

4. I make myself a user as an administrator. So this way if their account is messed up I can still access some stuff from my account (some people freak out about this but again I am doing this for family and friends so it is usually not a big deal).

5. I prefer crossloop for remote access. This is easy for most laypeople to understand and I avoid all the router port issues.

6. I ask them to use firefox. I am switching most people over. It is quicker and more secure.

7. I usually install open office. Excellent program and FREE.

I use the Windows scheduler to run and update the adaware, Spybot & Spyware blaster.

Again since most of the stuff I do is for friends and family who do not want to spend money or very little money I use what I have had the best experience with. Hope that helps.

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Looks good to me

by ireaneus In reply to What I use

From a friends and family perspective looks like you have all your bases covered. I use crossloop as well, except at work they must be blocking the port or something. My work uses logme in for remote access as well as vpn software.

OpenOffice is great too. How often do you find yourself supporting your friends and family, do they find OO working well for them? What other support problems have they had with your setup?

Thanks for the reply

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by im_it1234 In reply to Looks good to me

I find that most of the time I have 1-2 projects I am doing a month for friends & family.

Once I started doing my own images and setting them up (I do this with every machine new or not if I can). Once I get them running with my image I get usually very simple requests on issues (mouse doesn't work, my sound is gone etc etc). During Christmas it is mostly router/wireless issues and helping people get a good deal on a computer (or building one for them). Other than that I would say 50% is network related (printer sharing, my DSL won't work etc) and the rest a combo of my hardware failed and "my computer is acting weird"....maybe you should not have gone to that sketchy sight(DUH!!!!!)

I love open office. The new one is very quick and has improved performance. I use it on my Linux machine.

Hope that hemps.

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