IE hangs, not reponding

By riverdrift ·
I've HP notebook with WIN XP(home edition),IE7,sp2 with latest updates.
as it's from xp so the default home page is fixed as
whever i open the IE it tries to open HP site once I click on stop to open any other site it hangs,not responding.I'm unable to change the home page I make it blank but again it come HP.

1.please let me know why it hangs and take long time can i chage my home page to blank or something else

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Open your Control Panel

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IE hangs, not reponding

Click on the Add Remove Programs and when this is populated scroll down till you see IE7 and uninstall it.

Hopefully it will not do to much harm as you remove it. Then if the system still works after wards go straight to the Windows Update Site chose Custom and when you see IE7 click on the + sign beside the description and open it up scroll to the bottom and add a tick to Hide this Option and then finish off with any updates that are available.

If you retain IE6 with the latest updates you'll have the ability to do Tabbed Browsing so IE7 has no advantages and several disadvantages over IE6. One of them is that it is sometimes very hard to remove without trashing the OS and requiring a complete reinstall so before you try to remove it make sure that you have a current backup and be prepared to perform a clean install.


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let me do it

by riverdrift In reply to Open your Control Panel

k I'll check it whether I have IE6.
but this the last option to uninstall it is the any other option available.
if i found anything malicious I'll let u know
but what about changing the changing the home page to blank or something else

thanks any way

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If you upgrade to IE7 from IE6

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to let me do it

The home page tends to want to stay put for some reason best known to M$. I would say sloppy code buy I'm sure that M$ claim something else relating to security.

Every installation of IE7 that I've run across has displayed several problems it's much slower than IE6 for some reason is hard to use and almost impossible to save changes to. Unlike when people upgraded from IE5.5 to 6 which was a smooth transition the move to IE7 is anything but smooth to all but the most died in the wool M$ supporters.

Even on Vista IE7 native environment it's a pig to work with where it is isolated from the Windows Kernel. According to M$ IE7 on XP while not as isolated from the Windows Kernel as it is on Vista is still more isolated than IE6 ever was which is a good thing from a security point of view but not so great when it comes to user interaction.

But that's just my observation of it from multiple installs some others may have a completely different view of the way that it works and make excuses for the poor performance and inability to easily change things.


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how enable tab option

by riverdrift In reply to If you upgrade to IE7 fro ...

thanks HAL
for ur kind info and suggestion.
the good thing I found in IE7 is tab option instead of opening a new page each time we can open mutiple pages in the same window.
as u mentioned in ur previous mail that this option is also availabe in IE6.
will you tell how it can be enabled.

one more query I seems that I uninstalled my IE6 after installing IE7, how can i get it back?

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Well the Tab Option is made available through an IE6 Patch

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how enable tab option

As for restoring your IE6 when you installed IE7 it first removed IE6 and then installed itself. If you grab your original Install CD you can recover IE6 from there by selecting Control Panel Add Remove Programs and on the left hand side Windows Components. If IE6 has been removed you'll should find a listing for it there and you can chose to reinstall it from the install CD.

Failing that there are many Computer Mags with IE6 on the Cover CD's and you can install it directly from one of these.


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any reply reg tabs

by riverdrift In reply to Well the Tab Option is ma ...

yea I installed it thorugh the componenets option
how can I make thetab option availave
u mentioned thorugh IE6 patch
whick one and from where I can get it

can u give the link?

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Click on Start then Show All Programs

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to any reply reg tabs

Then on the upper left hand side click on Windows Update. When it goes through it's check to make sure that you have the latest update option available and they you really do have the right to access the downloads chose Custom. When the list appears chose the Software Optional Updates and scroll down till you find the IE7 Update, remove the tick from the box and left click on the + sign beside the IE7 update and then scroll to the bottom of the description of IE7 and add a tick to Hide this Item. Then install the remaining updates all of them. You may then need to reboot and rerun the Windows Update Again and install everything that is then available.

When this is finished when you open IE6 you'll see a TAB on the left hand top of the active viewing area that tells you what is currently open to the left of that there is a blue + sign that you can click on to open a new Tab or if you prefer hold down the Control Key and press the T key to open a new Tab.

To close these tabs right click on the tab that you want to close and chose the First Option which is Close.


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IE Problems

by the_webninja In reply to IE hangs, not reponding

I have gone through a few Problems with IE7 myself. One was with Cresendo that is automatically downloaded from LiveUpdate.
This makes many Webpages hang. To Fix the Cresendo issue (if that is the Problem), go to Realplayer if that is your default media Player, and Select Manual Configure>Media Types> Then Scroll down to MIDI files and Uncheck the MIDI Files Box.
Or another Solution is to just Download Fire Fox.

It has half the Problems of IE7, and it seems to be more Secure from Hackers and stuff as well. Try it, and see how you like it.
Search Microsoft Help files for IE7 to give you solutions to Why it Hangs. I also would try taking Hals advice and uninstalling it then Re-download and do a Fresh install, to see if that works any better.

I Hope this helps,


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To Set the Hompeage

by grantbrunton In reply to IE hangs, not reponding

The OEM windows install from HP sets your homepage to when a new user profile is created. This can not be changed because it is hard coded into the registry to fix this start>run regedit and navigate to:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

In that location there is a entry that will be:
"Start Page"=""

Delete this key and then you should be able to change your homepage quite easily. No need to uninstall or reinstall IE at all.

ps. I know the post is a few months old, but I thought others may find this useful

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Getting more complicated

by JnEB In reply to IE hangs, not reponding

Been having this same problem with IE7 on my Gateway laptop. Just developed all of a sudden. However, in the Vista control panel, it's not located anyplace in add/remove programs. I could find it easily on my desktop, which has XP. So how in the world do you get it off & how could you install Mozilla if you can't get on any websites? Haven't tried the Real Player fix yet, but plan to tackle again tomorrow!

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