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IE is evolving, but is it enough?

By stormbringerPA ·
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A disservice to their users

by stormbringerPA In reply to IE is evolving, but is it ...

That philosophy is doing a disservice to their IE users and giving ammunition to the other browser advocates. MS should behave as though they are still in the browser wars and build a better browser. Or they could just try to buy-out Mozilla/Firefox and use that.

Just kidding, just kidding!!

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Longhorn is not the answer

by Stratocaster In reply to IE is evolving, but is it ...

I thought the whole embedded-browser question is why the DOJ brought their antitrust action against Microsoft. Even if Longhorn turns out to be the next sliced bread (but we'll have to wait a few years to find out), there will be millions of PCs not beefy enough to run it, just as there are now millions of PCs on other than Windows XP which will not benefit from the IE fixes in SP2.

Like so many others, our corporate standard browser is IE, and we have web apps which use scripting and ActiveX. But for non-intranet access, I use both Mozilla and Firefox. Sometimes the POP mail client is nice to have for quick messages. And Mozilla can be a little more precisely configured than its leaner brother.

I find it amusing that your quoted analyst believes IE "is not a strategic technology" when Bill Gates has taken such consistent pains to make very public his opposite position. Would he have us believe that we should -- or could -- be viewing our MSN custom pages with another browser?

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