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IE6 Disconnecting

By jhuffman ·
I have WinXP Pro/sp2 <fully updated>, 1gb RAM, using ZoneAlarm free as the firewall and Norton's Systemworks 2003 (fully updated) as the antivirus. I also run Adaware SE Pro and Microsoft Antispyware, which neither detects any spyware.

After opening IE, and then I go to shutdown or reboot, I get a popup saying that IEXPLORE.EXE will close in so many seconds. The counter will count down, but it does NOT close the popup. I have to do this manually. This will occur as many times as IE has been opened and closed. IE is NOT open when I start the shutdown procedure, but seems to be running in the background.

I have checked Microsoft knowledge base and checked the event log. Both of these say there is no known events of this happening. I have seen in postings in usenet where others are having this same issue, but no one has offered a cause or solution to the problem.

Another issue that I think is related is in Outlook Express. At times when I click a link from either an email or newsgroup, OE will lock up. I can overcome or at least reduce the occurrances of this by keeping IE open.

Any help solving this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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by jhuffman In reply to Yes, I agree

"Remove SP2"
I am not sure but, the way sp2 was installed by using a slipstream version of winxp, I don't think it can be uninstalled. Not easily anyway LOL.
Unless I can find a solution, I have decided to live with this until I have time to do a clean reinstall XP.

Thanks for all the input and help provided.

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by jhuffman In reply to

I may have accidently found the problem. I am using ZoneAlarm free for my firewall. ZoneAlarm came out with an update two days ago and since updating, my problem seems to have gone away.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

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