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IE7 and PC Slowdowns

By rwbyshe ·
I've been seeing a lot of discussion and complaints in various forums and blogs about IE7 and how much people feel it slows down their PC's.

What I'm wondering is if there is any actual hard data that supports that "position" or is it merely conjecture and misplaced frustration on the part of some people.

Thanks for your input.

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No TechRepublic login

by frank93562 In reply to IE7 Incompatabilities

I cannot login to TechRepublic with IE7 (no downloads as a consequence). Have to use Firefox or Opera. In fact I am using Opera to send this reply. Some othr sites are incompatible also, such as downloads. Their reply was that they were not compatilbe with IE7 yet.

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by rkuhn In reply to No TechRepublic login

USG's website works fine for me and Tech Republic works fine for me as well.

Perhaps as with TR's website, you have some setting somewhere screwing it all up?

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same issue

by stib120 In reply to No TechRepublic login

I had the same issue I found out that the was in the restricted site page.
Once I deleted it from the restricted page it work fine

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Why do you complain? It's a "Bleeding Edge" software

by zbatia In reply to IE7 Incompatabilities

If you did not learn it already (and I see some of you just learned), you NEVER install the first version of ANY software on your production (or home) systems if they are very important. Use the testing machines. Also, why would I use the IE 7.0 if there are plenty of fast, well designed browsers? If you still like the IE engine, use the Maxthon browser (my preference), quick Avant browser, or finally, FireFox 2.0. You will forget about constant IE problems (security of slowness).
...or wait until SP1 for IE 7.0 if you still are crasy about IE browser.

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"Bleeding Edge"

by rkuhn In reply to Why do you complain? It's ...

You consider IE 7.0 bleeding edge since it's so new but you don't consider FF 2.0 bleeding edge when it's just as new?

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Bleeding edge

by gnauschutz In reply to "Bleeding Edge"

I would hope that MS would better bug fix their Sw before releasing it.

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Unistall IE7

by gnauschutz In reply to Bleeding edge

After reading all the reports, I descided to unistall IE7 on my home machine (yes it Pentium 4, 4.2 MHz, 1 GB Ram, etc) and what a difference in speed again, thank goodness - I thought I had a virus going. The unistall has caused a problem with Outlook 2003 (Professional Edition) and Business Contacts after the install. I did re-install the above (repair install). I need to link the folders, any advice?

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phising filter problems

by ivanredeye In reply to IE7 and PC Slowdowns

It was getting to the point that I was considering going back to IE 6. It was taking longer and longer to load a page. I turned off the phishing and it helped tremendously.

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turning off phishing

by d.j.elliott In reply to phising filter problems
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Turn off Phishing Filter in IE 7

by gsquared In reply to turning off phishing

Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced

Near the bottom of the list of options, it has a Phishing heading and 3 options. Set it to "Turn off automatic web site checking".

Watch web pages load fast again.

If you want to check a page manually, at the bottom of the IE screen, to the left of where it says what zone you're in, there's an icon for: "Click this icon to check whether this is a reported phishing site."

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