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IE7 and PC Slowdowns

By rwbyshe ·
I've been seeing a lot of discussion and complaints in various forums and blogs about IE7 and how much people feel it slows down their PC's.

What I'm wondering is if there is any actual hard data that supports that "position" or is it merely conjecture and misplaced frustration on the part of some people.

Thanks for your input.

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by d.j.elliott In reply to Turn off Phishing Filter ...

for the reply.

Funny thing, I've been playing around with free web pages by MS. They have adopted the model that you must build pages within their site builder..which ain't ready for prime time. Anyway, as I move around pages (IE6) jumps in and accuses me of phishing. Makes me wonder what MS is doing in the background.

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by rkuhn In reply to thanks

IE 6.0 accuses some of the sites as phishing?

Let me remind you, IE 6.0 doesn't have a built in phishing filter. That's IE 7.0.

Now, you either made a typo, you have installed a third party filter which wouldn't be Microsoft's fault, or you made a Freudian slip allowing your anti-MS hatred show your true colors.

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by d.j.elliott In reply to What?

1) No typo; I am using IE6 at work
2) No third party filter
3) Not an MS hater...not even after 25 years working in PCs

I think it is the MS Live website that is doing the phishing...I just think it is funny that they find their own pages to be phishy...

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by efisher In reply to IE7 and PC Slowdowns

I have absolutely noticed my PC is extremely slow doing anything -- especially with Outlook. It all started when I began beta testing IE7. I have NOT rolled it out to anyone else, but I definitely know that it was fine before installing IE7.

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by springer In reply to ABSOLUTELY

I installed IE7 on my wife's XP box.
Everything seems fine at first.
But 24 hours later the system was almost useless. Everything was slow and unresponsive.
I uninstalled IE7 and now with IE6, system is back to normal.

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OWA and IE7

by kiminyme In reply to ABSOLUTELY

I have the same problem with OWA provided by my workplace. It loads VERY slowly in IE7, although I do like the fact that it uses tabs rather than separate windows when I open an e-mail message. I often have one IE7 window open with multiple tabs for separate websites, then another IE7 window just for OWA, so that OWA doesn't slow *everything* down.

I have also come across a couple of websites that are not compatible with IE7--and some of them actually give me the message that I must be using IE5.0 or higher, rather than a different browser. I only noticed this during the week or so after I started using IE7, though. Since I haven't noticed it recently, I assume that those websites have upgraded to recognize IE7, or that they aren't websites that I visit often enough to notice.

I did notice the slowdown with the phishing filter, but haven't felt the need to turn it off.

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Firefox is the new IE7

by kmkog In reply to OWA and IE7

download Firefox for a faster and safer browsing expeirence surfing

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My Experience...

by Paul Newell In reply to IE7 and PC Slowdowns

so far hasn't been great, but hasn't been horrible either.
I do notice that things take longer to load than they did with IE6, but that might simply be because they are following some of the web's stanrdards a little better now.
I do also find that it doesn't scale as well as Firefox or Opera with multiple tabs open (memory-wise); I'll crack open Task Manager and IE can be using 200+ MB with only two or three tabs open.

As far as 'overall' system slowdown, the only thing I've noticed is that if I double-click an IE shortcut from my desktop, when I eventually close the window, if I double-click an empty spot on my desktop (to 'release' the last used shorcut), it takes a few seconds to respond to that command.
It only seemed to start that after I installed IE7.


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No Problems Here

by rkuhn In reply to IE7 and PC Slowdowns

I have installed it on at least a dozen PC's and haven't had a single complaint.

I'm aware of some of the issues that people are saying it causes, but have yet to run into one of those. Maybe I'm just lucky :)

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Chewing up resources

by d.j.elliott In reply to IE7 and PC Slowdowns

I have definitely noticed a significant slowdown after loading IE7.

Taking a look at task manager, IE7 was eating up huge amounts of system resources...pushing the computer to 100% utilization. This can happen when doing simple things, such as hitting the back key in the browser.

I also use Outlook, so that may be another part of the puzzle, as mentioned by someone else.

IE7 is not ready for prime time. My PC has plenty of memory and I only run things like mail and Office on games. I also keep it up to date with anti-virus software.

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