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IE7 and PC Slowdowns

By rwbyshe ·
I've been seeing a lot of discussion and complaints in various forums and blogs about IE7 and how much people feel it slows down their PC's.

What I'm wondering is if there is any actual hard data that supports that "position" or is it merely conjecture and misplaced frustration on the part of some people.

Thanks for your input.

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My IE Resources

by rkuhn In reply to Chewing up resources

I have 13 tabs open in one instance of the browser and 2 tabs in another instance and my memory usuage in the task manager is only at 59,232k.

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by d.j.elliott In reply to My IE Resources

Any idea how to keep IE7 from chewing through all the resources that it can grab?

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No Idea

by rkuhn In reply to resources

But I'd say something must be wrong with your PC.

I just opened up 20 tabs in one browser window and then one tab in another browser window and the memory usuage only went up to 65,708k.

Not too bad.

I will say I did the same thing with FF, although I only have version 1.5 and it claimed memory usuage of about 29,000k.

Clearly IE is the loser, but even 65,000k isn't bad considering I'm running 1 gig of RAM.

If I was you, I'd run numerous adware/spyware scans, one by one disable any browser helper objects, etc until you figure it out.

Also, installing IE 7.0 on a dirty PC (malware) is a recipe for disaster.

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by iogt007 In reply to Chewing up resources

Office is a very heavy user of resources as well as Norton or McAfee, especially if you have prior versions of these anti-virus programs running with the new versions.I uninstalled all Norton programs and used their online tool to remove all versions and components as well as using file search and deleting all symantec files and reinstalled the latest version and the problem went away.

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Anti Phising and ActiveX components

by mellsworth In reply to IE7 and PC Slowdowns

In every case that I have encountered where the user is complaining that IE7 is slow it has been a combination of spyware/trojan/malware installed as an ActiveX plugin trying to open up or communicate with a known phising server to communicate every click or even in one case every link the mouse hovers over.
Starting up in (No Add On's) has allowed me to demonstrate the issue to the users. Then the fun part of attempting to remove the offending software ensues.

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Slow IE7, Anti Phising and ActiveX components

by gnauschutz In reply to Anti Phising and ActiveX ...

I have also experienced a slow down with IE7 and am considereing unistalling it, going back to IE6 or possobly even trying Fire Foc 2.0

In addition, what is the best to reduce the No. of add ons and even removing the culprits?

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IE7 Tuning Tips

by Asok Asus In reply to Slow IE7, Anti Phising an ...
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malware is not the problem

by iogt007 In reply to Anti Phising and ActiveX ...

I have 5 different anti-spyware programs running in addition to Norton Internet Security with anti-spyware. There is no malware on my computer. choosing no add ons will disable all active x components such as tool bars etc. which use up more resources. IE7 definitely uses more resources than IE6.More ram memory is necessary to keep the same speed or uninstall unecessary programs.Also disabling unecessary start up programs will help.

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This is true..antiphising and activex components

by agaetos In reply to Anti Phising and ActiveX ...

Security bulletins and MS Internet Explorer slowdown made me shift to an alternative award-winning Web browser, it faster, even more secure, and totally customizable to my online life...

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automatic configuration script

by Gilbertr14 In reply to IE7 and PC Slowdowns

I have found that IE7 "Looses" its connection to the net via proxy when using an automatic configuration script. Removing this via GP and having the proxy details in rectifies the problem.

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