IE7 problem

By rmhc ·
I am running XP Home/SP2/IE7. This morning I discovered that the address bar drop down file (where all my contact addresses are) is empty.Something deleted the entire list since yesterday. I have had this happen once or twice before with IE6. Anybody have any ideas what caused this? TIA..Richard..

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The obvious things would be

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IE7 problem

A Virus or Spy Ware. Most people have an Active Anti Virus Program Running but not many install Spy Ware Removal Tools to keep on top of any infections that they pick up while surfing the net.

You can install these 2 programs available from here

Ad Aware SE

Spy Bot S&amp

You will need to download these programs install them and then update them to the latest updates available. Along the way you may be required to reboot the system but once you have bot of these installed and updated reboot into Safe Mode and run the Spy Ware/Mal Ware Scans and remove any infections that you find.

If you run Ad Aware first you can remove everything that it finds without a second thought but Spy Bot has the ability to find some False Positives so look at the things that it finds and untick the boxes if you see something that you want to keep. Then allow the application to remove the infections that it has found.

I always run Ad Aware first and then after it has supposedly removed any infections run it again to make sure that its actually removed the offending files and that there was nothing hiding under them. I keep running this till it comes up as clean.

Do the same thing with Spy Bot but remember to untick any boxes of software that you want to keep so things like Windows Defender and some Internet Banking Programs will need to be removed from the fix or you will cripple these applications.


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by cworsley4 In reply to IE7 problem

this could be the work of some sort of spyware ect. if you scan and nothing comes up then uninstall and redownload

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by shellbott In reply to IE7 problem


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Just like savwa fair

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Beth Blakely is EVERYWHERE.........

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address history blank also

by jaydes44b In reply to IE7 problem

I have the same problem with the IE7 address bar history dropdown being blank - starting a few weeks ago. It seems to remember the history during the IE session in which it was typed, but when I close and re-open IE7, the dropdown is blank again. Although it seems to be there because when I start to type an address, it autocompletes it. Very strange.

I have run several anti-virus/anti-spyware/ant-trojan/anti-rootkit programs, but none found anything. I also re-installed IE7 to no avail.

Original poster: did you fix yours?
Anyone else have same problem or suggested fix?

I'm at a loss, and while it's not a big deal, I may eventually re-install XP since I like to do that every once in a while anyway.

My only other thought is that I run CCleaner regularly for past 8 months, and I haven't seen this problem until last month.

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