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If Poms have no sense of humor, What does this say about canada?

By mjwx ·
Oh canada! "Consumption of unbranded alcohol.",10117,18561387-421,00.html

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who said anything about flavo(u)r?

by jdclyde In reply to How can you possibly be a ...

Not I!

And when I was in Toronto for my SCO training, I went out with the locals, and for the most part they WERE drinking blue. So that is where THAT comes from.

This was a poke at the MENTALITY of the Canuk, not the taste of the beer they drink. The fact that it is how they remember what they wanted to drink!

(wow, can't even give people a hard time anymore without them jumping all over you! Wayyyy too serious! lighten up buckwheat! ) :^0

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Blue was named after a sports team

by JamesRL In reply to who said anything about f ...

In Winnipeg - the Blue Bombers.

So there....

And its the beer I grew up on. Frankly though, I prefer some of the smaller breweries products now. Creemore springs cream ale, yum.


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logic and reason

by jdclyde In reply to Blue was named after a sp ...

will NOT stop me from making fun of our canuk neighbors! Poke them with the stick to watch them squirm! What great sport! B-)

And as I have stated before, I wouldn't poke fun at someone I didn't like. Half the major vacations I have taken in the last 8 years have been in Canada, including our BIG week long trip last year.

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Small breweries

by Jellimonsta In reply to Blue was named after a sp ...

You mean you don't drink any Elsinore brewed Ales James? :)

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by JamesRL In reply to Small breweries

I have tried quite a few interesting varieties.

My father in law buys nothing at the "Beer Store" (yes thats the official title in Ontario), he buys imported beer at the LCBO (Liquor Control Board). I try Sleeman's brands, Wellington County Ales, Creemore, Hockley Valley - craft breweries with the exception of Sleemans.


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There's so many

by Oz_Media In reply to Small breweries

One thing that's kinda cool about British pubs, they al carry a selection of local brews (I mean local, one or two blocks away if not at the pub itself). You can usually get a can of something more commercial but it's more fun to taste the regional brews.

Canada had a huge influx of micro brews shortly after Molsons had Ricards Red pulled from the shelf for caramel content high enough to cause heart disease (nearly double th ecaramel found in a can of Coke!!).

I loke local brews better for the most part, they actually have greater quality control, better quality ingredients and a far more enjoyable taste than the massive breweries do.

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by Oz_Media In reply to who said anything about f ...

You can't make false assertions without them jumping all over you, you should know that by now.

Canuck is an Americanism for a French Canadian, now more commonly used to refer to a Canadian from any part of the country.

As to the MENTALITY of French Canadians I cannot be held responsible for, as fo rteh Mentality of orontonians, they all think they are American anyway. Again, I have yet to meet ANY Canadian who feels Labatts Blue is even worthy of the name beer, yet alone one who loves it or drinks a lot of it.

he only time I see people drinking Blue or Canadian these days is when I am in the US and they can't seem to get enough of it. I was bugging a couple of guys at a Judas Priest show last summer because they were drinking Canadian and they said everyone was drinking it now because of the alcohol content.

The reason you wouldn't care about flavour is probably because the concept is so foreign to US beer.

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by JamesRL In reply to No

Last time I heard of a group of loonies who wanted to make Canadian provinces into US states, where were they from? British Columbia, home to loonies on both ends of the political spectrum.

Torontonians may act like Americans in business matters, but politically we would be to the left of Seattle.

Blue is still popular in Ontario, as Canadian is in Quebec. I remember having to make hard choices during a beer strike over twenty years ago - drink American beer or cross the border to Quebec and buy what they had left. We crossed the border many times. The bars really suffered.


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Sorry we let you believe otherwise

by Oz_Media In reply to Hmmmm

The vast majority of Canadians will attest that Torontonians are wannabe Yankees, moreso out west I find, even though that's the concensus in Montreal too.

People in Toronto like to play American because they are often working in Canadian head offices (usually based on TO). They feel like the business center of Canada, and we let them enjoy that little luxury, god only knows there's nothing else in TO.

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We are not a nation of swimmers or boozers

by mjwx In reply to Yeah, we've got our share ...

We are a nation of swimmers and boozers.

Canada where the summer is colder than the australian winter, Eh mate.

As for whacko's, there everywhere but I think the US has more whacko's per 100 people.

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