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If the USA government was serious about political correctness

By Deadly Ernest ·
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and removing everything of a single religious basis they should pass laws that make it unlawful to have any religious based holidays - if you want it off it comes out of your annual leave or is leave without pay. So all those religious based public holidays should be cancelled, and similarly religious based public activities. Also religious based advertising of sales promotion activities shouldn't be allowed either.

People should be allowed to wear clothing of a specific type based on religious reasons, watch the Muslims scream when it becomes unlawful to wear the Burkah (hope I got that right) in public.

Thus you can't have Easter Holiday weekend, Christmas Holidays, or Christmas sales, Easter sales, Halloween has to be cancelled. Wow, with all those extra working days etc, productivity should jump, and without being able to promote for Christmas, retail sales should level out. ]:)

Also all those special penalty rates for working on a Sunday would have to be dropped, Sunday work must become the same as Saturday work.

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Did you mean Ernest?

by Kiltie In reply to Tasty canadian

From Canada?

Maybe you think that the letters "NS" mean Nova Scotia?

Check his profile, New South Wales is closer, if I am not mistaken from reading. (my eyes get worse as I get older, or is it the Scotch?)

.... and no, in case you ask, that particular Wales is not part of the UK.

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