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If we all came from Monkeys, then???

By jdclyde ·
For the sake of this discussion, we will ASSUME that evolution is more than the "Theory of".

If we are to accept that Man came from Apes (barring the question of why are there still apes then) why are there so many "races" that are so different from one another?

I understand the idea of life addapting to their environment, but how long does that take, and can it explain the vast differences between the differnt races?

Why would Japanese be so much smaller, while black and white races average so much taller? Different diet maybe?

I understand the eskimo body to concerve heat, but most others I just don't follow.

And how does this relate to certain races having less of a resistance to certain disease or lower/higher tolerance to booze?

And with more people moving to different climates, how long does it take to re-adapt to a new climate, even if breeding among other races did not happen?

And of course if we are all the human race, how can there be so many differenses in our DNA, from race to race?

If we all started from the same mold, how can we have become so different?

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Bring it on

by neilb@uk In reply to Healthy debate

Bacterial flagellum first, I suggest, and then the Bombardier Beetle as dessert. These are the two Holy Evolution Killers and should put me away with nowt but a whimper.

Set out your stall...

p.s. I can do jibes but i'll try and resist.

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We're a long way from a total understanding

by TonytheTiger In reply to Why are there still apes

There are more things than just DNA that affect heart disease. Diet, amount of exercise, etc.

There is also a lot at stake. If they found a gene that predisposes one toward an expansive to get illness, it wouldn't be long until insurance companies started charging more, or refusing to provide coverage for people who had these genes.

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Hey JD here's the simple explaination

by Deadly Ernest In reply to If we all came from Monke ...

1. Differences in DNA

Think of races and DNA as being different lanes in the same olympic swimming pool. Each is slightly different to the ones on each side, but all part of the same pool. Some are in the shade, and look whiter, some are in the direct sun, and look darker (due to the reflections stopping you looking into the water).

2. The differences in skin colour are due to thousands of years of living in environments with different heat, humidity, and sun levels. The darker skinned people were originally in hot dry tundra type climates. The white skinned people were in the cooler winter type climates, with snow. The Japanese were in a tropical type climate with a lot more heat, and humidity, and shade - thus they didn't need the extra dark colouring. This took place over many thousands of years.

NB: Some anthropologists now believe that the current race of man is a result of several groups branching off, and then blending back together, and the physiological variations are hang overs form those branchings.

3. Adaption changes re lightneing of skin due to evolution and the like - most estimate a couple of hundred thousand years.

4. DNA is so huge, and any one small change makes a change, that a 1% variation gives billions of options.

5. Many, so called humans, are not that far away from their monkey ancestors - just watch the Australian PArliament question time or the USA Congress and the way any politician behaviour - what a silly bunch of baboons.

6. The evolution experts recon we all, eveyr living thing on the planet, came from one original single celled bacteria or the like. Aren't you glad that cell bred a bit. Try typing as a single celled thingy.

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Now, DE

by NickNielsen In reply to Hey JD here's the simple ...

There's no need for gratuitous insults by comparing baboons to politicians. My neighbor is a baboon and he does NOT appreciate it at all.

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Give him my apologies, but the only baboons

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Now, DE

I've personally met were elected officials so I have no saner versions to compare them with.

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Actually DE

by jdclyde In reply to Hey JD here's the simple ...

Skin colo(u)r was the least of my wonders. The actual physical characteristics were more of a wonder to me as that would be less easily explained by the sun.

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A lot of physiology is changed by the environment

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Actually DE

and the culture - in the long term.

Some 'racial' groups have wider noses, due to high humidity rates in the climate they had lived in for hundreds of thousands of years. Most orientals have a slightly different intestinal system to caucasian as they are used to eating lots of rice while the caucasians are used to lots of red meat - they process at differernt speeds. Live in jungle over enough generations and your average height shortens - survival factor for getting through the jungle. Live in a tundra and height goes up, need height to see further. Sunnier climate and you need deeper eyebrow ridges and eye sockets.

All the variations, which are less than about 0.000000001% of the DNA, are due to improved survivability in a particular sub-climate ove a looooong period.

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Necessity is the mother of invention

by TonytheTiger In reply to Actually DE

or in this case, mutation. Mutations are always occurring, in a way you could say they are "natural". The successful ones thrive and become entrenched in their environment. The unsuccessful ones usually don't survive long enough to breed, and without intervention would eventually be weeded out.

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Where did the chickens come from then ?

by Ssp@Techrepublic In reply to If we all came from Monke ...

Hi JD,

First I must appreciate your questions. Some of them are thought provoking but almost all of them do not account the various milestones in the evolution of Earth (not just humans). You talk about evolution of man from apes etc but where do you think the chickens came from ? (this, considering the fact (?) that chicken came first than the eggs :) ).

Next, the heat, skin, races etc - as the other two people replied aptly, it is all to do with where u live what u eat and HOW you live (lifestyles).

Some of your words do not have the proper fact - for example, "if we all started from the same mo(u)ld, how can ... so different ?". Who told you that we all started from the same mould ? You seem to talk like there was a moulding machine in Amazon forest and people were generated and pumped up in the air in to the world. Then what about Chickens, pigs, goats, buffalos, horses etc etc ? They are all living beings too.

Like the other person rightly said, every single life started from a single cell organism. I would like to add the term mutation in addition to the adaptation that happened over millions of years after the big meteor strike that wiped off the giants from the face of the Earth.

So tell me one thing - did you actually write this after a good booze ?

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Because ..

by aliv4279 In reply to If we all came from Monke ...

Hi, your observations are correct - all you need to figure in is that 'some-one' did some genetic modification (very good at it, too!). If you take your thought a little further, I'm sitting here looking at my two puppies - and thinking - how come we both have eyes, nose, mouths etc. Different species, but clearly someone was working with systems that they knew and understood!


Andrew L

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