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If you absolutely must have a firearm...

By AnsuGisalas ·
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please practice like your life depended on it. Otherwise it won't.

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Don't be stupid.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I'd love it if you moved ...

There are no lions in Canada.

Also, people who know what they're doing can certainly minimize risks.
A gun is a tool. Sometimes they're handy, but they're neither necessary nor sufficient prerequisites for safety.

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last I heard, up in the Candian Rockies they have a few of the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Don't be stupid.

US Mountain Lions sneak over and cause some trouble from time to time.

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Those are cougars.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to last I heard, up in the C ...

or Pumas.
By a stretch and a poor choice of words "mountain lions".
But never "lion", that's just silly.

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actually, the whole class is known as 'lion' it's just that

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Those are cougars.

thanks to Hollywood many people tend to associate 'lion' with the 'African Lion' of the African plains which is another sub-member of the genus. Check out these two wiki articles;

The African Lion is actually a misnomer as it's a panther.

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The African lion is indeed the only lion.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to actually, the whole class ...

It belongs to the genus Panthera, but that doesn't mean it's a panther.
/Panther (in Africa and Asia), the leopard (Panthera pardus)
/Panther (in North America), the cougar or mountain lion (Puma concolor)
/Florida panther, a subspecies of cougar (Puma concolor coryi or Puma concolor couguar) found in southern Florida
/Panther (in South and Central America), the jaguar (Panthera onca)
/Black panther, a black variant of leopard, jaguar or cougar
/White panther, a white or very pale variant of leopard, jaguar or cougar
/Panther (legendary creature), a mythical creature resembling a large multicolored cat

As I said, the cougar/puma is what is called a "mountain lion", which is one of a three big cats that go by the name "panther".

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I love the wilderness

by AV . In reply to Anyone who "absolutely mu ...

Why should I leave? You absolutely need a firearm where I live. If you don't have one, you're taking a chance. Thats how it is if you live out in farm country. Its the most beautiful place in the world, but there are wild animals and if you ever need it, a gun is your best friend.

I've always loved where I live and would not have changed the past 20 years of my life. Yes, when I first moved here and was a newbie to wildlife, I was almost attacked by a six foot tall buck when I was raking leaves. I had no gun, I was lucky it didn't kill me. It was during the rudding season and the sound of my rake on my driveway attracted him. I wish I had a gun, I would have shot him. He was ready to kill me, snorting and all. I just turned away and kept raking and he left, but I might not have been so lucky.

My point is that where I live you need that firearm. I know how to use one if I ever need it. Its my last resort, I don't want to kill anything, but if you are threatened by something, it makes you feel secure to have it.


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And rifles aren't actually illegal anywhere in the world.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I love the wilderness

So, that being settled, perhaps we should return to the subject at hand? :^0

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Accidental shootings

by mjd420nova In reply to If you absolutely must ha ...

So many owners fail to educate themselves with their weapon and as a result, end up inflicting themselves with arm and leg wounds. Many are from forgetting how to properly unload a weapon before cleaning. This also happens with experienced users (police) and there should be no excuse. If a user does not have the safety rules always foremost, then a tragedy is sure to happen. Proper handling goes far beyond experience but should be akin to driving a car, it requires 100% attention, a lapse of concentration will result in a loss of life. A permit for a CCW should include an interview and safety evaluation of both the weapon and the user. Some counties/states issue permits dependant on a background investigation but that can be expensive and for those who need it, the cost isn't an issue. Precious gem dealers and gun dealers along with security patrols and armored car personel get easy claims but J-Q Citizen would be hard pressed to exhibit true cause to concealed carry anything legally.

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Strange thing is when I needed Pistols

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Accidental shootings

I was always taught that the Weapon is Always Loaded and you act accordingly.

That way accidents don't occur.

Way too many people think that they have emptied weapons before they start to play with them and they wear the result.


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Training should be mandatory to obtain a CWP

by NickNielsen In reply to Accidental shootings

The concealed carry permitting process should include instruction on the laws governing use & exposure of the weapon, when carry is and isn't permissible, what actions are NOT permissible when carrying (e.g. alcohol consumption), a background check, and recurring training. And yes, it should cost money.

A free permit with no mandatory training or background check will enable the last thing we need: a bunch of Wyatt Earp wannabes out looking for trouble

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