If you are an experienced tech guy and have 100,000.00 dollars with you, what would you do?

By thisisahmed ·
Dear Tech Community,

I will be landing soon in Canada as an immigrant and will be taking around 100,000.00 Canadian dollars with me (My whole life's savings).

I have 18 years of experience in providing advanced level tech support, mostly Windows environment (Can also work on Unix/Linux a bit). Have also worked in Dell USA for 5 years in their Enterprise Expert Center (4 years ago, then returned back to my home country)

Now looking at the job market in Canada, it seems nearly impossible to get a good job there, so I am thinking about starting my own business as "Freelance IT Consultant" but this profession don't need that much investment.

So what to do with my money, just put it in a saving account or buy mutual funds?

Do you guys have any other ideas where I can utilize both my money and knowledge/experience to start a different kind of business and make my life easier/better?

Edit: Here is the link to my resume:

Thanks in advance!

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by JamesRL In reply to If you are an experienced ...

When you worked for Dell USA, where were you located? Was it the US? If thats the case, your should have an easier time.

I'm in the GTA too, my town has a sizable South Asian community. You could easily get a mortgage, buy life insurance, invest in the stock market, or buy a house even if you didn't speak english. My member of Parliament, and the one for the riding next door are South Asian (thats the in vogue term here).

I might suggest trying the contracting route - there are a few places that specialize in IT contractors, and that would get you some experience and help you build contacts.

Calgary and Edmonton have been very busy markets because of the oil boom. There are lots of jobs in general, not so sure about IT specifically. You will find it difficult to find housing. Calgary is farther south, and is more "head office" territory. Edmonton is closer to the tar sands at Fort McMurray, so if I had to guess, Calgary would be your best bet for IT.

Don't discount Saskatchewan, they have some oil and also potash mining (ingredient in fertilizer) and they are actively looking for people to migrate, they have had job fairs in Toronto trying to lure people out there. is a place to start.

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by thisisahmed In reply to More comments

By "there are a few places that specialize in IT contractors" you mean staffing services (like or something else?

Looking at how you are willing to help me, I think I should share my linkedin profile here, it is

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by JamesRL In reply to More comments

As for Toronto staffing services, personally I never had luck with Robert Half when i was job searching. I met with a senior person there, was introduced by one of their clients.

Eagle Professional Resources is smaller, focussed on Toronto, and has a better reputation. Nexus System group is good, I've hired from them in the past, and I like their owners. There are hundreds of agencies, but those are ones I've enjoyed working with when I was hiring.

I checked your resume, I don't think you would have much trouble getting a job in Toronto, a little more challenging to get a good job. But sometimes mediocre jobs lead to good ones. You might invest some of that money you'd saved into courses to update your certs. Sadly some people (not me) obssess about them, and sometimes those people are in human resources departments.

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Gotta be more specific

by cipherlad In reply to If you are an experienced ...

Not to sound deragatory, but when you say 18 years of experience in tech support, I hope that's not time spent asking people if their monitor is plugged in securely.

All I really mean to say is that you don't give enough information here for anyone to really identify what it is you hope to do. Working in the Enterprise Expert Center at Dell doesn't tell most people squat. What is your area(s) of expertise? Linux? Networking? Databases? Security? Disk Recovery? Who would your intended customers be? Businesses? Home PC owners? Consulting firms?

There are lots of opportunities out there, but they're not equally suited for everyone, of any experience level.

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by thisisahmed In reply to Gotta be more specific

Thanks for your feedback! Now I have updated the question with the link to my resume.

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by JamesRL In reply to Gotta be more specific

As for your resume, I can recommend as a source for good information on resume writing for this market.

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experienced tech guy and have 100,000.00 dollars

by pundarikakshaya In reply to If you are an experienced ...

i would go and get the best commercial property (TO RENT IT ) or buy a farm land to cultivate crops which are in demand , in future there would be people to handle computer but few to feed PEOPLE , may be i can make another 100,000.00 dollars in that field got it
tech guy and farm,great challenges more interesting than IT

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