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If you don't care enough about your problem

By CharlieSpencer ·
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to send an e-mail, or leave a voice mail, or send a text

a problem you say has been occurring for days, weeks, or longer

how can you expect me to care when you stop me in hallway en route to fixing someone else's problem?

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instant trip to HR

by GSG In reply to So I guess using their pa ...

That's a violation of the ethics policy and several HIPAA policies for the person who sent the email, and is a violation on the part of the person who left their workstation unlocked.

To be honest, only the person who sent the email would be a gauranteed termination since it is an ethical issue. The person who left the workstation unlocked, if no patient info was breeched, and if they didn't have any other HR issues, would probably get off with a suspension and written action plan.

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Oh dear!

by AnsuGisalas In reply to instant trip to HR

"written action plan"
It sounds so ominous.

It's bound to be a euphemism for something medireview that involves red-hot pincers!

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I've seen users(fellow employees)...

by JCitizen In reply to Oh dear!

fired for less than that; and unfortunately I was tasked to gather the forensic evidence. I'm glad I never had to bust someone for a HIPAA violation - we all were well trained on that.

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