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"If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less."

By redragtoabull ·
General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army as quoted by Tom Peters in Reimagine, DK 2003

Some people in this camp are Certified, some may just be certifiable. Most, I would venture, feel their technical skills are unparalleled (or at least awesome).

20 Years experience! Great!
Awesome projects! Awesome!
Great references! Neat!
MCSE - Terrific!
CCIP - Super!
MBA - Wow!
MSCS - Cool!

Etc., Etc., Etc.

So WHAT!????

You (and me) and 90,000 other people!!!!!!

What makes you/us different?

Let's not be lulled by the prospects of economic recovery and a skilled labor shortage into thinking we will get engagements soley based on our technical skills, academic accomplishments, experience, certifications, references, etc.

In today's world, those qualifications are ONLY the price of admission!!!

To differentiate ourselves, we must DIFFERENTIATE OURSELVES!

We must stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and offer a value proposition that is unique, interesting, and compelling.

One way to do that is by association (or as I like to call it - guilt by association). Who you hang out with to a large extent defines who you are (in the eyes of the rest of world if not your own).

Another way is to take a stand - or have a position/opinion. Of course this is risky. But as they say - no risk no reward.

1)Associate with people who share similar POSITIVE values

2) Stand out! Sure it's different. That's the point!

3) Promote a different IT business model. If you dont like the game - Change the rules!

3) Take a risk - What's with this love stuff anyway? BUT - The only people who will be alienated are the people who DON'T share our values (aren't we tired of them anyway?)

4) CREATE/BUILD/LEVERAGE a network of professionals that back us up when we walk into a Client's office. .NET No problem - PHP no problem - CICS NO PROBLEM.

The point is, to make a change in our life - we MUST do SOMETHING DIFFERENT than we are doing now.

~ Will

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Common sense?

by CloudedYoda In reply to "If you don't like change ...

People are born to want to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Be different and stand out from the rest. Hey, it is not as easy as it sounds. Many ppl try hard to do it all their life, offering unique services and product.

I propose being normal. So everybody tries to be different, then you will be different from those who stand out. ROFL!

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by redragtoabull In reply to "If you don't like change ...

For the tip Tony!

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Good handle pardner

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks

Now Oz can start to take you seriously.

OK what's the deal, leave out all the altruism, my bs filters are strained from some of the other threads.
You want to make lots of money by ...

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Technology at ITs Peak

by redragtoabull In reply to Good handle pardner

Seems like the "subscribe" feature of these threads works arbitrarily... Got some email notices of earlier posts and then ...poof ether.

I want to make lots of money by:

1) Working with people who are not out to screw other people and who in fact understand the potential for exponential increases in value (productivity, attention to quality, job satisfaction) that is possible when

2) Jobs/projects etc., are relationship based - not transaction based and

3) the financial side of the equation is balanced i.e., Consultants are receiving roughly the financial equivalent of what the Clients are paying for.

Sounds simple enough right?

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Too simple almost

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Technology at ITs Peak

I'd certainly be interested, but my experience has been that clients only look at things till period end.
Get buy in from your consultants.
I always try to give quality, it's amazing how many times cheap wins the day though, even if it won't win the month.
There are cowboy consultants out there , but the injuns are more of a problem at the moment.
To get thi off the ground you need to forge links between consultants and consultants and consultants and clients.

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by redragtoabull In reply to Too simple almost

That's the idea. Check out

also I'm on if your interested.


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