Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
Is anyone using it?

I'm thinking of dumping Charter in favor of UVerse. Thoughts, opinions, advice will be highly appreciated, and thumbed.

Any known issues with Linux?


HAL? Better know who you are if you answer this!

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He gets everything...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Is your friend happy with ...

...and is extremely pleased with it. I know, because when he comes over, he constantly gloats over how long things take to download on my cable modem ("oh, guess the neighbor kids are downloading illegal music again...haha"). Additionally, things do seem to pull up quicker on his system as opposed to mine (and my PC is actually much better, plus I use Firefox with no add-ins...he uses IE with various toolbars and add-ins).

I'm not sure how his broadband would be impacted by scaled usage (relatively few people have it in his area...despite it being a pilot test zone). Though, I will say, with Comcast giving away a Wii with every 2 year subscription, I am fairly certain my connection speeds will be taking severe hits shortly!

The only service that is comparable is the phone. I haven't had a single complaint about the phone (the screening of anonymous #'s is a nice I do have one nice thing to say about Comcast)...and so far, neither has he (I can't say we've compared features between the services, though).

For me, when it is available, even if the service wasn't appreciably better, it would be worthwhile to move. A). Comcast has had a local monopoly for far too long, and as a result B). Comcast's customer service absolutely stinks...whereas, I can honestly say I've had good experience with AT&T (cell phone account as well as business class use), and my friend has yet to encounter any problems with them (he said the installation went well...which means a lot if you ever deal with a firm like Comcast).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks saigman...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to He gets everything...

same with Charter here. It's been them or DSL here, too. Friends who use DSL tell me my cable is faster, so I'm not inclined to go to DSL. Seems to me speed should be comparable with UVerse, so...


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You're welcome

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Thanks saigman...

Hopefully, a year or so from now, we're not back posting to a thread "who feels duped by Uverse"!!


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Cable is faster

by SundayBiker In reply to Thanks saigman...

Cable internet is faster than dsl, I have 19Mb/s download speed on cox, dsl doesn't even come close to that. And this seems to be the case for tv over dls too. Also you need a home phone with them, we din't have a home phone in years, we have a tone of minutes on cells, besides, we're hardly at home where you can call me on my cell anyway! I have Cox digital with HD channels and never had the problems you are talking about here, signal never dropped or anyhing, never calld for assistance and the HD DVR/receiver works like a charm, I'm surprized to hear all this. I wouldn't go back to dsl, let alone tv over dsl, but again I see others had problems with cable and satellite too, hope it helps.

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Ah, but it isn't DSL.

by seanferd In reply to Cable is faster

U-verse is VDSL (FTTN or FTTP), faster than "conventional" DSL.

Glad to hear you have good service with Cox. They sucked rocks around here since the '80s, although I'm given to understand they are much improved the last few years. It could be the result of losing their monopoly, I suppose.

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But it's not cable :-)

by SundayBiker In reply to Ah, but it isn't DSL.

Right, but you can't get lightning speed through old phone wires (CAT3 I belive), and you have to share tv and internet most of the time.

There is a lot of competition from sattelite around here, I guess that's why Cox stepped up the services. I only have 45 HD channels vs. some 100 on sattelite, but it's cheaper and more convenient. I have tv and internet with them it would be a pain to change everything, I'm sure they'll get more channels soon.
It looks like all the services differ a lot, so boxfidller it might be more helpful to ask people in your area and see the specifics. I'm surprised to see how different services are all over the place from the same company.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Ah, but it isn't DSL.

is neither DSL or Cable.

It is fiber to a neighborhood node. It is then dedicated copper to the end user, ethernet, and TV over IP.

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Right on

by seanferd In reply to Ah, but it isn't DSL.

This is why I suggest finding out the offered speeds for the available options, then get an idea as to what actual performance is like. Relate that to price, and what speed actually makes sense for the particular customer.

Cable can be quite fast, but it can also be awful, depending on whether the customer's loop is overloaded or heavily used. I doubt it can beat FTTP, but that wouldn't apply in Boxfiddler's case, in my understanding.

Just go with what works for you.

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Scaled usage

by seanferd In reply to He gets everything...

Since it isn't set up like a co-ax cable network, this should not pose a problem, AFAIK.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Scaled usage

that's my understanding, also. Anything resembling 'shared access' runs through the fiber from the node to central office. From the node to demarc is dedicated to the user.

This strikes me as a good idea.

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