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Ignoring people that have nothing to say

By jdclyde ·
Recently, I have noticed more annoying people have been stumbling onto TR. All I can think of is some teacher somewhere thought it would be good exposure for his high school class to use for research or something.

How do you handle people that don't have the maturity to be worth conversing with?

Some have tried to point them in the right direction (myself included) while others have shown no tolerance and jumped right on them.

What is the best way to get people that are looking to just make noise to leave? Ignore them? Insult them? Tell them their camel has fleas?

I personally thing refusing to respond to anything they post is the only way to handle such people.

Some may think this is being snobbish, but if I an in no way stopping them from doing whatever they want, then how can that be? Like in the real world, you pick and choose who your friends are, so why can't you here?

As I told one member, you are judged by your actions. A few of these new posters have already been judged unfavorably.

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How about an Ignore all Threads From

by roadbiker In reply to I agree

How about a way to Ignore certain posters and all threads from those posters comments.

The trouble is there will ALWAYS be some who respond to such posters, and one is all it takes to encourage them to hang around and continue to post rubbish.

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great idea roadbiker

by lalala In reply to How about an Ignore all T ...

kind of like a junk email filter? great idea.

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JD, I have chosen

by Old Guy In reply to Ignoring people that have ...

to ignore them and stay out of the threads for the most part (I did say something about thinking a strange sound I heard the other day was from some of the mice or rats around--I couldn't help myself). That's only part of why I haven't post much this past week. I figured if I told them what I thought of them that would just incite them to be worse. I also have not tried to "help" them because I knew there would be enough of you guys really trying to help them that they wouldn't need me.

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Won't chase me from a discussion

by jdclyde In reply to JD, I have chosen

I just won't be responding to any of their posts.

simple, just like they are!

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There are several members. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Ignoring people that have ...

....that I don't only not reply to, but I don't even read what they post. I've never replied to underage, I've replied to NZ only a couple of times, and have only read a few of their silly messages. I just won't waste my time.

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That is where I am at now

by jdclyde In reply to There are several members ...

I did give them a try, although underage blew his chance with me much quicker, I am done with the both of them.

Just was curious how others here are planning on dealing, providing they deal at all with it.

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NZ_Justice did show some potential though

by stargazerr In reply to That is where I am at now

He has been answering questions in Q&A ... but on the other hand, he is just as rude and immature ...

Underage??? Grrrrr


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Not sure if you noticed or not

by jdclyde In reply to NZ_Justice did show some ...

but I several times tried to offer sound advice to justice about what it generally takes to fit in, if fitting in is a goal. He showed that fitting in was not a concern and he would rather run with underage.

Everyone makes their own choices, and he made his.

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I apologised for my non fitting in actions.

by NZ_Justice In reply to Not sure if you noticed o ...

I replaced my stupid tags and stop posting Miscellaneous threads, I haven't performed any bad etiquette lately ether, nor do I plan too. I don't run with anyone. I have a mind of my own. but I can conform. And I don't mind if people ignore me or my threads or my answers to the tech Q & A or my replies to threads. I won't be posting much anymore anyway or doing teach Q & A any more. I can save you ignoring me and I'll just leave the TR. no hassles.

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NZ_Justice, Follow the yellow brick road and find out what we think of you.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to I apologised for my non f ...
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