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Illegal Copy Of Windows XP

By yobtaf ·
I'm basically a MAC person and my wife a PC person, so I know
both operating systems, though I know Mac better. Recently my
wife, who is not very computer smart (sorry Nancy), asked me to
fix up her computer. I discovered that she was running an illegal
copy of Windows XP Professional, I wouldn't get into how this
happened, I'll just say that I disapprove of this practice and the
maintenance problems it causes. By the way she was unaware of

My question is: Can I install a legal copy without loosing all her
settings and should I wait for the new Windows operating
system to come out, which rumor says will be late this year? I
don't want spend the money twice in one year.

Also, I'm a little confused as to which Windows XP Professional
package I would use.

I need advise.

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by yobtaf In reply to Get your wife a Mac!

Thanks emilio,

I wish she would accept that solution, but she's one of those people
who just wouldn't change and I kind of like having a PC around to
know what's going on in the PC world.

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Surely, you jest

by MavMin2 In reply to Get your wife a Mac!

Why in heaven's name would you want to give her something that only 3% of the world uses??? Just like us old hippies need to get pastthe 60's y'all need to get past the MAC and into the real world. I have no use for a Crapintosh.

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Why Would This Help?

by Dave the Computer Guy In reply to Get your wife a Mac!

I?m confused?

With the new Mac OS looking more like Linux then a Mac OS and the new Mac hardware now running an Intel chipset.

How a Mac different from a PC?

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Wont accept a Mac

by mjwx In reply to Get your wife a Mac!

She sounds like a smart woman.

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Why? and What difference?

by boitsfort In reply to Get your wife a Mac!

I switched. I'm a PC user at work and was a PC user at home since version 2.11 of DOS! Like all of you, I hear Mac fans describing how good Mac is, so I got tempted to find out by myself, rather than being told. That's a scientific approach I believe. So I bought a Mac in Oct 2005, and I was positively surprised by its simplicity and reliability. See my blog:

In this particular case, the wife changing to Mac would be a benefit, because it would make Robert's life (as IT support) easier. And I cannot imagine a reason for the wife not being happy, by a stylish machine that delivers. Unless she runs very specila apps, she should not have any problem to switch. Most people just read emails and surf the web, plus watch movies and listen to music on their computers. All things that the Mac does perfectly.

Let's make a bet: your wife as an iPod and uses iTunes to buy music online. So the Mac is her natural choice.

What difference makes a Mac? Really, it works so fine and let's you focus on your daily tasks rather than fixing problems, updating anti-virus, anti-spyware or applying patches.

I recently bought a Wifi USB adapter for my Windows PC. I bought a cheap one, and let me tell you: it cost me 2 hours to set it up, on my Plug n Play PC! This is a real abuse! First, the driver is not signed my MS for XP. As a user, should I care? This message does not interest me. I bought a device that the box says runs on Windows XP. The rest does not interest me. Than the driver install failed. I had to uninstall the driver, reboot the machine and finally reinstall. Then at next boot, the device is not recognised. After troubleshooting, it eventually works. Thanks God, I'm a PC expert, but I can't imaging how your wife would have done it, should you be travelling that week... And now, at boot, I get a blue screen of death, unless I unplug the adapter!

I can tell you, that none of this exist on Mac. That's the difference. The price difference I spent on the Mac vs. equivalent (!!) PC, about 500$ is rapidly returned in saving time and effort on troubleshooting. Now I can really do my home videos rather than IT support of my PC...

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About waiting for Vista....

by geekchic In reply to Windows Millennum?

I looked up the HP Pavillion 7855 and it is only capable of handling a maximum of 512 mg of memory and comes standard with only 128 mg. I am not real familiar with Vista yet but doesn't it require at least 512 mgs as a minimum to run? In that case the computer wouldn't run to well using Vista anyway.

As for the guy that installed the illegal software, if he is in business, he should be stopped. If it is a friend then he is not much of a friend to tell you if it is working don't worry about it....

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by yobtaf In reply to About waiting for Vista.. ...

You're right about the Pavilion. I bumped it up to the max of 512
mg so I guess it's a moot point. When Vista comes out it will be
time to get her a new computer.

As for the guy, he's not a friend but it's a small town and after
addressing him about the copy of Windows XP, you can bet we'll
never use him again. Besides, I've just gone through a crash course
in PCs and I can get by without him.

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Don't ever wait for the next release

by boitsfort In reply to About waiting for Vista.. ...

If you need something now, go for it! Of course you can always wait for the next HW or SW, and delay forever, but that means you don't really need. You desire. That's different.

Now, for Vista, it is expected for end of this year, but it has been delayed a lot and will be delayed even more... that's for sure.

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you couldn't run Vista without a new cpu and motherboard

by wojnar In reply to About waiting for Vista.. ...

Vista is a 64 bit operating system and my understanding is it will not run on a 32 bit system.

Interestingly enough, if you have an Itel 64 bit CPU running Vista, you can't run any 32 bit applications. The AMD 64 bit CPU's will run 32 bit applications.

Anybody have better information ?

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If You Only Had...

by pbounds In reply to Windows Millennum?

Now if you Only had a Centralized Linux Samba server, you'd be set ;-) !

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