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Illegal Copy Of Windows XP

By yobtaf ·
I'm basically a MAC person and my wife a PC person, so I know
both operating systems, though I know Mac better. Recently my
wife, who is not very computer smart (sorry Nancy), asked me to
fix up her computer. I discovered that she was running an illegal
copy of Windows XP Professional, I wouldn't get into how this
happened, I'll just say that I disapprove of this practice and the
maintenance problems it causes. By the way she was unaware of

My question is: Can I install a legal copy without loosing all her
settings and should I wait for the new Windows operating
system to come out, which rumor says will be late this year? I
don't want spend the money twice in one year.

Also, I'm a little confused as to which Windows XP Professional
package I would use.

I need advise.

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by akalinowski In reply to What did you have in the ...

xp home blows
there is no admin password, you can at anytime reboot into safe mode, log in as administrator and do what you please w/ the system
xp home doesnt have network passwords
and many other bells & whistles

if you have an illigal copy, buy the retail version (not oem) and start the installation from within your current windows session (dont boot from cd)
this will keep all your settings.

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Yo, listen up

by JamesRL In reply to

He said he had XP Pro.


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XP Home admin password

by Plenty In reply to

Actually, you can set a password for the administrator's account, you just have to do it from a console window.

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I would simply correct the product code

by wojnar In reply to What did you have in the ...

If the version of XP (pro or Home) is the same as what you initially purchased, you can modify the product code back to what was initially installed.

The problem is that authentication links the product code to a number of hardware specific identifiers (CPU serial number, hard drive type/size, motherboard identifier). You can change certain components and update the activation but if any 2 primary identifiers change, the 'illegal' notice pops up.

Not too long ago there was a discussion about changing product codes in XP. You may be able to find it in the archives. If not, Microsoft can walk you through it over the phone. You do NOT have to reformat in order to change the product code but you DO have to crack open the registry.

There are web sites out there that will also help in this task. Talk to Microsoft first.

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by pbounds In reply to I would simply correct th ...

Some of us out here that ghost images, use a couple of programs at our disposal, NewSID (for the network), and jellybean software to change the product code to the sticker on the side of the case after imaging. Mind you, reatil VS OEM product codes are not interchangeable. If you know of someone who is a M/S Certified Partner/System Builder, they have a utility called sysprep. Sysprep is used by System Builders to load XP, on a machine, install all the latest updates, drivers, etc, and then 'reseal' the system, so when the user first powers it up it will ask them for the Product Code, where they are registering from, etc...You could use that utility to reset your product code, (providing you have the original product code COLA, which should always be affixed to the side of your computer's case) M/S Law... LOL!

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Call MS and report him.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Here's the deal

Contact Microsoft. Give them the local guy's name, business name, address, phone number, and the license number he used. Ask them if they can provide you with a legal copy of XP Home.

Did you originally buy the machine new or used? If new, you should be able to contact the manufacturer and get restore / reinstall CDs and a legal license number. You'll need the system serial number.

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by yobtaf In reply to Call MS and report him.

She bought it new a few years ago from Best Buy.

Event hough I highly disagree with what he did, and by the way he
see nothing wrong with what did (he feels he did her a favor and
she doesn't understand what he did), I can't rat on him, it's not my

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You need to CYA

by grbeckmeyer In reply to

It may not be your style, but keep in mind that he's the type MS will go after hard, and you could end up in trouble if they do. Might be hard for them to prove you knew anything was wrong, so at worst you may just be forced to buy a legal copy, but I would think if you report him you might be able to work something out.

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Read the article

by toj In reply to Call MS and report him.

It came with Windows ME!

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by yobtaf In reply to Read the article

I believe so. The label on the side of the machine says Windows
Millennium Edition with what I believe is a key.

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