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Illegal Copy Of Windows XP

By yobtaf ·
I'm basically a MAC person and my wife a PC person, so I know
both operating systems, though I know Mac better. Recently my
wife, who is not very computer smart (sorry Nancy), asked me to
fix up her computer. I discovered that she was running an illegal
copy of Windows XP Professional, I wouldn't get into how this
happened, I'll just say that I disapprove of this practice and the
maintenance problems it causes. By the way she was unaware of

My question is: Can I install a legal copy without loosing all her
settings and should I wait for the new Windows operating
system to come out, which rumor says will be late this year? I
don't want spend the money twice in one year.

Also, I'm a little confused as to which Windows XP Professional
package I would use.

I need advise.

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If you paid, then get what you paid for, if not...

by searl In reply to Re; Repair Install

The one in the wrong is the guy who installed that windows version and left you to deal with the issues . In Microsofts eyes, they just want each person to pay for what they are using, if you were charged for that installation of windows (price for the software not the manual labor to install it) then you have done nothing wrong. But your tech person has, although he probably does this all the time and thinks nothing of it I'm sure there are plenty of people who would like to know his name and location. Ask them for a copy of XP from them complete with license keys etc, if they say no then call the people who care, like MS or the piracy cops etc. or perhaps just mention it to the tech or store, they will bend, they have to, they are the ones doing the wrong and they know it well. However if you were not charged for your Operating system then you are in the wrong and if you want to be "legal" then I'd suggest buying a copy. Which version really depends on your needs. One admin from Ontario did a good job of explaining the differences before my post, buy XP now if you need it or wait until the next version and buy then.(i would buy the old version of XP when the new is released, because you can expect a price drop for sure) and updating to the newest just to be new isnt very practical if it's not a necessity.

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This could help

by Deejay54 In reply to Re; Repair Install

I recently repaired an HP machine. You know the one where the restore partition is drive D. Well both partitions were somehow corrupted, so I had to reformat. I used an already installed copy of Win XP to just get it going. I used the ID number on the sticker that was on the machine. It installed just fine. When it came time to activate, of corse it wouldn't, so I called Microsoft and explained exactly what I did. They supplied me with a new registration code and all is well. If you end up buying a new copy of Windows, you are really just buying that little green sticker. You might be able to basicly do the same trick and not lose anything.

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RE: Repair Install

by mckinnej In reply to Re; Repair Install

Hi Andrew06,

I have no experience with Home Edition, so I bow to your wisdom in that instance.

However, that wasn't what I was referring to. M$ has released different versions of XP Pro CDs. I don't know why or for what purpose, but some CDs do not give you the "Repair" option. I've run into this more than once. Why M$ did that is a mystery, but those CDs are of limited use IMHO.

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Yep, get legal!

by pbounds In reply to Key Changer / Repair inst ...

I have used the key changer method, and if you know someone who is an M/S reseller, you can get him to run SYSPREP on your system from the OPK kit, which will reseal your O/S, and the next time you reboot you can put in your legal key as well, reregister and reactivate.

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Who Gives A Crap

by JohnnySacks In reply to Illegal Copy Of Windows X ...

Did you install it? It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to spend other people's money. This must be causing a problem with Windows Upgrades. Google "Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool", get past the problem, and buy Vista when it comes out sometime in the future.

Otherwise, why not soak her for the full retail version at $269, after all, it might not be an upgrade (damn, who knew you shouldn't have tossed that W95/W98/ME/2000 media with the old PII 350) or the previous version might be illegal too. An OEM version of the same is about $100 but that's cheating too I guess.

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by yobtaf In reply to Who Gives A Crap

Please excuse my ignorance but what is an OEM version?

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OEM = Original Equiptment Manufacturer

by Mickster269 In reply to

Microsoft sells its software in bulk to a computer manufacturer, who then places the individual copies on thier computers.

They (the Computer builders) usually have a master disk that installs the softwre on to all the HD's they have purchased.

When you fire the computer up for the first time, the computer asks you for a registration key. That key was purchased by the Manufacturer, and transfered to you when you bout the computer.

It has been rumored that Microsoft even tweaks the version of the software to be "friendly" to the different computer builders- such as, a "Dell flavored" Windows, a "Gateway flavored" Windows, etc. Supposedly this is so the other software that the manufactures install on the boxes have less conflicts, and the hardware drivers are acceptable to the operating system.

But, that may all be hogwash.

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As the owner of an OEM Windows XP box

by JamesRL In reply to OEM = Original Equiptment ...

I can tell you that it Win XP + HP's drivers for Win XP + HP's free software trials etc. But all the drivers are there so that if you add HW to your system it can still be supported.

By the way it doesn't ask me for a registration key - its built in. I do have the sticker on the side with the key but never had to key it in, despite having rebuilt the box a few times.

My challenge is that when I rebuild my computer from the hidden partition, I don't get the option to only install XP, I have to get all the crap as well. I really don't want a three year old version of Quicken or Corel office etc., even if it is free. Its also the original version of XP so the first thing I do is to download SP2 and all the subsequent patches.


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Keep in mind

by puppybreath In reply to OEM = Original Equiptment ...

that the OEM version is based on the current hardware configuration. I had a hard drive crash and after replacing it, restored my entire drive from an image. Both XP and Office failed the license check. When I called Micro$oft, they stated that my hardware had changed and since it was an OEM version, I would have to buy new licenses for both XP and Office if I wanted to use them on a different hard drive. I can currently use the PC as is, but can't get any updates. Another excellent reason to consider using Linux or a Mac.

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Microsoft Activation

by JohnnySacks In reply to Keep in mind

Any XP, Office XP, Server 2003, etc. will require you to re-activate it if enough hardware changes on your PC.

Motherboard goes up in smoke? Buy a new one for peanuts but be prepared to have to re-activate XP and having to call support because the serial number was already registered. (not even sure if this is possible)

Want to build a toy to destroy from old PC parts collecting dust in the corner? Too bad, activation will also fail.

A perfect reason to stick with 2000 for as long as possible before considering Linux.

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