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I'm a winner!

By NickNielsen ·
Just received this email:


You have won ?250,000 To claim your prize,Contact Dr.prinnket graffin with the following informations .Name,Address,Age,Occupation,Country

Mrs. Rose Wood.

I'm so excited! Should I hold my breath waiting for the money? Ya' think?




Anybody else received this one? I'm surprised they didn't ask for account or telephone numbers.

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You Lucky *******

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm a winner!

I never get anything.

I don't get any Spam now that the old E-Mail account is no more since that company closed it's doors. I feel so deprived. :0


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I can fix that for you ]:) nt

by Dumphrey In reply to You Lucky Bastard
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I win something via email

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'm a winner!

about ten times per week. At least. I don't even open them, just empty the suspicious mail folder after making sure no one I want to hear from is in there.

Hmmm... I did win $3 on Powerball yesterday.


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This is the first one I've gotten in a long time

by NickNielsen In reply to I win something via email

It also somehow managed to bypass the spam filters and make it to the in-box. That's what surprised me most.

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Just reply. They'll ask for more info.

by DelbertPGH In reply to I'm a winner!

Either they'll want your ATM card and PIN numbers, just so they can do a direct deposit, or they'll need you to send them a couple of hundred pounds to cover tax and wire transfer costs.

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Let's see now.,..

by NickNielsen In reply to Just reply. They'll ask ...

who do I dislike...a lot! :^0

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However, the Scummy services

by w2ktechman In reply to Just reply. They'll ask ...

can act as the middleman. Scummy can do the wire transfer for 1/2 the cost, and throw in the Tax fee's for free...

Just send me your credit card #'s, security #'s, PINS, and ATM card and PIN's.
Make sure to send the 3 digit security code as well!

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Of course you should reply

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm a winner!

Your name is Jason Hiner, you live Louisville, KY, and you're a columnist for an IT website.

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That's not nice

by NickNielsen In reply to Of course you should repl ...

Funny, though! :^0

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Hey, Nick, It looks like I won more than you did.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to I'm a winner!

But, don't worry, I'll share with the less fortunate.

Ref: LSUK/2031/8161/05
Batch: R3/A312-59


We happily announce to you the recent draw of the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY,online Sweepstakes International Program held on September 05, 2008. Your e-mailaddress attached to ticket number: 56475600545 188 with Serialnumber 5368/02 drew the lucky numbers: 01-14-21-3-35-48 and a bonus numberof 24.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of ?590,983.00 (FiveHundred and Ninety Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Three Great BritishPounds) in cash credited to file KTU/9023118308/03.

To file for your claim, please contact your fiduciary agent via email immediately:

Mr. Richard Ness
Claims Department
The UKNL Foundation

You are required to provide the following information for verificationpurposes:

Full Name:
Full Contact Address:
Tel (Home/Office/Mobile):
Country of residence:

Congratulations once more and from all members and staff of this program. Yours Truly, Seth Hickerson,Online Lottery Co-ordinator.

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