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By jebz ·
Here's some test at Google search

Enter the word 'failue' with or without quotes

Click "I'm Feeling Lucky" button

Guess what? It associates failure with the US president!!!

Nice one Google!!!

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Nobody disagreed with him

by neilb@uk In reply to And I invite you to make ...

He's just p:ssed that nobody on either side of the Atlantic could be bothered to comment on his latest subject matter.

Except for one fan ot Ol' Ron, that is.

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"bunghole pro bush-cultivating mystics."

by jardinier In reply to And I invite you to make ...

Well of course you are referring to me.

Can you explain how one person could make the website "bottom heavy?"

I invite you to defend your post with rational arguments.

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name-calling is an admission of intellectual inferiority

by Absolutely In reply to "bunghole pro bush-cultiv ...

That is my defense as well as the meaning of my use of the phrase "bunghole pro bush-cultivating mystics." I'm challenging you to rise above name calling and personality critique and argue the ideas being discussed, if you have any actual ideas at all.

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From an "intellectual inferior" person

by maxwell edison In reply to name-calling is an admiss ...

I guess that includes me.

In a different thread, one in which I "name-called", I said that there are times when I would prefer not to play "nice-nice". To much "nice-nice" makes me want to puke. And the people who always play "nice-nice" come across to me as aloof and arrogant snobs. Not to say that you are one, but there's a time and place for everything, and "name-calling", in my opinion, is no exception. Moreover, in some cases, it helps make a point in as few words as possible

Do you disagree?

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by jardinier In reply to From an "intellectual inf ...

You know what your intellectual capacity is just as I know what mine is. I seem to recall that you once said we would have a lot to talk about if ever we were to meet face to face.

I am not in the least bit concerned about what Absolutely thinks of my intellect. It has served me well enough for 64 years and hopefully will for many years to come.

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Absolutely and I agree and disagree

by maxwell edison In reply to Max

He and I share libertarian values to a large degree, and oftentimes we find ourselves allies in such discussions. And I must admit, he's a great guy to have on my side. He's smart, he's well-read, he's articulate, and he has a great way of presenting an argument. There are some issues, however, when I think he has his head planted in such a way that he could actually see the insides of his own eyeballs.

In another discussion, I compared him to Pat Robertson, but just the opposite.

On balance, however I absolutely like discussing things with Absolutely. And I think he's probably a pretty good guy.

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Everybody eventually reaches the age. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Max

.... where they are comfortable enough with themselves that they don't really care what others may or may not think about them (or at least we hope everyone does). And the sooner they reach that age, the better, don't you think?

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On maturity

by jardinier In reply to Max

Except for a certain proportion of today's younger generation who seem to have been born with awareness, it has been my observation that maturity is not likely to be reached until after the age of 40.

I have been at peace with myself and my ideas and opinions (which of course are subject to change according to new experiences or data) for well over a decade.

In real life (as distinct from the cyber life of TR) I am very easy to get on with, cheerful, witty and almost NEVER get into an argument.

I live in one of Australia's right-wing strongholds, but never find myself in an argument about politics.

Until a couple of years ago -- when the Internet took control of my life -- I used to regularly attend some church or other and never got into arguments about religion.

So I guess there is some mysterious quality in TR miscellaneous discussions which brings out the worst in me.

And now I will tell you another way that TR discussions have affected me.

Before I joined TR I had NO IDEA that as a foreigner I was required to dislike America and Americans.

I had always thought of America as the birthplace of jazz; the source of the best musicals ever made; the only country (apart from Australia which produced the first ever feature length movie) which continually churned out movies and certain TV series that didn't put me to sleep.

I also thought of America as the ally in WW II without which the Brits would all be speaking German and Australians would all be speaking Japanese.

I have never personally met an example of the so-called "ugly American." The Americans I have met have been polite, enthusiastic and altogether likeable.

The Mormons who occasionally knock on my door are always impeccably dressed and courteous.

So I guess that if I had never joined TR I would still be thinking of only the positive contributions of America and Americans.

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Julian - What would you think. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Max

....if I said (with slight differences, of course) the exact same thing you did, except concerning Australia and Australians? (As well as Canada and Canadians, I suppose.)

Looking at your comments and mine in a similar light, what does it mean?

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I have a lot of ideas

by jardinier In reply to name-calling is an admiss ...

But as they mostly differ from your own, you frequently take the easy option of insulting me instead of debunking my opinions with logical argument.

This very post is a prime example. As you obviously cannot argue by reason that a single person can make the website "bottom heavy," once again you insult me.

Wow ! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black !

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