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I'm going to OzzFest, Are you?

By jdclyde ·
Oh I am so geeked!

As I lay dying
Black Lable Society

and a bunch of others that I have never heard much from.

Oh this will be SOOOOOO cool! I think I will stay out of the mosh pits this year. I was hurting for a few days after the last time.

Anyone else going? Of are you waiting for Pat Boone to come around?
I will be at the DTE show on 8/4. Anyone else going to that show?

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That's bold

by Oz_Media In reply to Many affordable tours

I assume you mean Oz won't be around and able to do it much longer. But in the same tradition tha has been proven by the doezens of similar metal festivals each summer in Europe, even LONG after Ozzy and Sharon are gone, I am sure OzzFest will continue.

It coul dbe better sometimes, it could be worse, but it's all we get out here.

As for the son you took to see Satriani, while he kills on guitar, how the **** did HE end up on tour with KingsX? They are by far the worst band i have seen play (and that includes GNR) EVER, ANYWHERE. I have seen high school kids out perform those guys! They were at least kicked off the ACDC tour (Thunderstruck) after being booed off the stage a few times. But they do anything but compliment someone like Satriani, Dream Theatre, well, not my bag but they are okay.

He is gonna crap himself when he sees Ozzfest and a really TIGHT band like BLS or Maiden play, it will **** his mind!

Have fun! Damn $100 ticket though! WOW!

$39 in Washington and you get Reserved Parking with priotity exit access (worth $20) and a $10 food/beverage voucher.

I would hate to pay for tikets these days, it's just getting out of hand, not the performers problem, it's venue, police and security costs. That's why Auburn is so cheap, Indian Reserve.

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Ticket it ONLY $80 for seats, 50 for hill

by jdclyde In reply to That's bold

I am tired of standing in the sun for 12 hours damnit so I got seats this time.

The boys saw IM last year and had a blast. We hit several during the year.

As for Ozzfest, I don't see that old man making too many rounds more. Especially with finding out he has parkensens instead of just nerve damage.

I know Metalica has a big tour, but I have a hard time going to see them anymore. Even without the whole sue-your-base crap, the music just isn't something I dig when I tune into metalica. The last time I saw them they took ALL the songs that got them where they are now and made them into a friggen medilly. what a bunch of BS. Imagine my suprise when Jason was Ozzies base player!

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Funny about Jason

by Oz_Media In reply to Ticket it ONLY $80 for se ...

Metallica fans were saying he's a bum and deserves to be with Ozzy (?) others on the Ozzy side were saying Rudy Castillo (sp?) was a bum and deserved to be with Metallica.

Personally I think they are both top end bassists, but Jason has mroe presence on stage.

As for Ozzfest, I know Ozzy will be packin git in in the following years, but eth festival isn't going anywhere, there will be an Ozzfest for YEARS after he and Sharon die. Like I said before, th esame thing has happened with so many Europ summer festivals.

Tix for Ozzfest in Auburn are $39.00 or you can get a four pack pass, 4 different shows for the summer for $99.00.

I have never seen anyone sit for Ozzfest, then again,I have never seen him play an arena with seats. Always football stadiums, and large parks etc. I don't mind it that way for a show like Ozzfest,there's two stages and so much more to do throughout the dya, wandering around and having fun rather than sitting in an Amphitheatre.

I don't think Ozzfest is a good bowl show, it need sto be a field festival due to the nature of the layout. But other than that, the amphitheatres are excellent. Vancouver (Surrey a suburb)has recently opened a new outdoor concert bowl, where I was telling you I was working with a couple of bands recently, ut it's NOTHING compared to White River, more like the old Gorge in Seattle, which unfortunately Drew Burns go into and now it's a House of Blues Venue (expensive, cash grabbing enterprise).

You guys'll have a riot all the same though, as for Mtallica, I hear you. KACHING$$$$$$$, sure come a long way from that first cassetts tape with the label that said, make copies and share with your friends right on the cover. And the medly, I remember that, what a farce!

Sabbath did that a couple of years back too, but when Ozzy was in 'couver, he at least played The Wizard in its entirety, HIS harmonica intro and all, now THAT was a flashback!

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Ozzfest and Metallica

by TomSal In reply to Funny about Jason

I've always wanted to go to Ozzfest when it is here in Philly, and something always happens that keeps me from going. Too late to get tickets, they are sold out -- or once it was a family emergency that kept me from going.

I agree days are numbered to see the "Oz Man" playing live as soon his health condition will prevent him from playing any more shows at all -- permanently.

Metallica -- I think back now how much I thought that band ruled when I was a teenager.

I read up on them in the music mags, bought their cassettes/cd's, wore Metallica t-shirts all the time to school, etc.

Now today - much like you guys said...its so damn disappointing the direction that band took. Hyprocrits in many respects to what they once "said" they stood for. If you followed the band from their Kill 'Em All Days (Or what should of been called "Metal Up Your A$$") to the present then you'll clearly know what I mean.

Load and Re-Load weren't all that bad, I actually like some of the songs on each, but man after those two CD's they did a complete nose dive. Anything after those cd's royally sucks the big one.

So I still refer to the "true" Metallica "era" as Kill 'Em through ..And Justice For All. Heck even the "black album" if you want to stretch it.

And yeah Jason is great to see on stage, it pissed me off when Metallica got rid of him (or perhaps, Jason got rid of Metallica? If the latter is true then I can't say I blame him.)

Anyway to anyone lucky enough to be at Ozzfest...have fun..the line up looks awesome :)

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Right on Tom \m/ !

by Oz_Media In reply to Funny about Jason

I gave up after Justice too.

Funny thing with that CD, I was working a local venue in Vancouver and took two weeks off to head to Hawaii and see a friend who owns a block of condos. Cheap airfare and free room was pretty inviting.

I met this dynamite girl at a local one night and she said she had conert tickets for the next night and asked if I'd join her. JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!! WOOO HOOOOO!

A HOT Hawaiian and METALLICA! Won't go into it too deep, too long a night, too big a party to know where to begin but MAN was it cool.

It was outdoors at the base of some volcanoe where they have festival shows.

MAN was I disappointed with their work after that. This latest St =.Anger has the worst snare ping all through it that I've ever heard on tape. And to think Lars did this one, what an egomaniac that idiot is!

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Man that sounds awesome...

by TomSal In reply to Funny about Jason

Hawaii+babe(s)+party+Metallica (at least the "Metallica of old anyway") = rocker's dream.

You lucky sob! :)

Beautiful place! I need to go back!

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Hawaii's OK but not my cup of tea

by Oz_Media In reply to Funny about Jason

Great...heat, sand and PEOPLE in droves.

I prefer spending two weeks at lng beach on Vancouver island. Windier, rougher, but NOBODY around. I don't need a hotel, would rather camp and see nature instead. I would take a campfire over a packed club in a resort any day.

When in Hawaii though, I have friends who live there and pretty much stay away from the 'touristy' places.

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by TomSal In reply to Funny about Jason

Yeah I don't stay in hotels there either as I too have a friend -- who actually wanted me to visit this year but I just can't do it. They just got a new house and keep saying "you have to check it out".

I don't like crowds either. But whenever I was there and we did the beach or hiking thing it wasn't too bad with crowds -- of course it helps when you know folks who lived there for years, they know the places to take you that are less touristy.

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Jason left

by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to Funny about Jason

Just to clarify for anyone that may not know, Jason left, he was not kicked out. And I don't blame him one bit with the direction that Metallica took. If you watch the DVD Some Kind of Monster you'll hear Jason go off on a telephone message to the boys about it all. Very good stuff.

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by CuteElf In reply to Many affordable tours

I'd give my left nipple to be in your shoes.

NOBODY worthy shows up here in Alaska.

Well, ok. BB King does. Ozzy did once? Metallica 3x...just...too far between.

Just: load up on ibuprofen, hot water bottles and massage therapy tickets/appts for AFTER the shows.

Hey: try out Stevie Ray Vaughn, Los Lobos, and....Kenny Wayne Shepard, if you like git-ar.

Hugs and Happy headbangin

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