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I'm going to OzzFest, Are you?

By jdclyde ·
Oh I am so geeked!

As I lay dying
Black Lable Society

and a bunch of others that I have never heard much from.

Oh this will be SOOOOOO cool! I think I will stay out of the mosh pits this year. I was hurting for a few days after the last time.

Anyone else going? Of are you waiting for Pat Boone to come around?
I will be at the DTE show on 8/4. Anyone else going to that show?

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Saw Kenny Wayne

by jdclyde In reply to Augh!

witht he G3 tour the first year they did it. They started out with Eric Johnson but he dropped out halfway through the tour and they picked Kenny up. Wish I had seen Eric play!

And yes, lots of advil and chugging lots of water the day before and all that morning before going in. Then a couple few jagger bombs before going in and I am good to go! (no, the "couple few" was NOT a typo!)

Two years ago I had a golf outting the day AFTER ozzfest and I couldn't hit a drive to save my life due to a cheapshot I took in the pit in the small of my back. At least my pitching and putting was rocking so my partners didn't complain!

Love to hard party daze back to back like that! It is just the third day that I end up slowing down and have to switch to mixed drinks because the beer just doesn't want to go down as easy as it should.

Left nip huh? Throw in the right one and we can work something out! Woo woo!

And yes, HEADBANGERS UNITE! Rock hard, ride free.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I wish

Back in the day, fans would crowd the front of the stage, fight to that front barricade and hang on for dear life, but everyone was there to watch the band.

MOSH pits took over when US metal went more thrash based (that "all noise" stuff, no melody, no lyrics worth remembering), VERY little vocal or guitar talent, at least in the music played, not that some of todays guiltarists are incapable.

Mosh Pits are geared forf ANGST driven metal, not Prog-metal really and definitely not the Goth-metal of Sabbath, but oh well. I just wish more people went elsewhere and saw what a real metal festival is al about, then perhaps more cities would allow these shows, more fans would be able to enjoy them andmroe real musicians and DIE HARD fans would come out of it.

Instead of a tightly packed group to watch the show, there are huge circles of people running around and just crashing into others, a lot like slam dancing with anger. The attention is placed on who's still standing in the mosh pit and not the band as much, stomping to the music as there was little to actually listen to. It's more of a pissing contest to se ewho the toughest fan is. NO solos, no melodies, no hooks (yes even good metal bands write with hooks).

At OzzFest, there's always a MOSH pit, mainly due to the warmup acts and not Sabbath and especially not Maiden. In Europe, Maiden is a progressive metal band, long anthemic songs about history (Medievil England, the gods of Egypt, WWII, and the NEW UK)with the audience chanting throughout as if at a Euro football game.

In the US, Maiden is attended by nu-metal fans and they are completely unaware of the crowd participation that has made Maiden and instead just have a 'mosh-up', not knowing most of the songs anyway.

But as a true metal fan and one who believes that it will always have a plce, unlike Disco and punk that died as fast as they started, I will be at several Ozzfest shows, I would say 'with bells on' but 'with chains on' would be more fitting I suppose. :)

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Moshing stopped when Maiden came on

by jdclyde In reply to MOSH PITS

at least the when they came around last year on their own. But the same happened when Priest came out. The moshing stopped and it was like daze of old! What a thing of beauty!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Moshing stopped when Maid ...

But there's always one guy who had too much to drink and learned too little.

But they are pretty easy to get rid of, usually, anyway.

Have fun, I don't know if I can live through three or four dates now, just wiped after the Priest thing, STILL working on that stuff, but I will give it my best shot anyway!

Have fun and show your kids wat real musicians can do, KingsX, still giggling at those guys. :)

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Uhhhhh...... YEEEEAAH!

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm going to OzzFest, Are ...

I am seeing them in Auburn, Mountain View and Marysville. MIGHT hang out for West Valley but time may be a problem, I have some promo to track and local shows around that time too.

Maiden! BLS! (sorry but I've seen Sabbath too many times, as much as I love them), apparently this year Sabbath has really pulled their socks up though, they got quite a bashing on the last OzzFest because they had to follow a Judas Priest set with Halford at the mike (best of luck with THAT one huys :)).

I don't think there was a fan or review on the whole tour that didn't slag Sabbath for taking time awy from Priest (JP was only a 54 minute show).

Personally, I would prefer them to follow th eold format, have Black Label Society play early, even on the second stage, so that Zakk can play with Ozzy. The Sabbath thnig is just rehashed now, they wer ereat to watch reunite 5 years ago, but haven't released new material, haven't come out with an epic that proves they are still able to write and produce metal, aren't they don't have a new charting album or anything.

The other thing that made the 2000 show (or was it the 2001 show?)rock, was the fact that it was a first, and the venue choices were better than the amphitheatre tour (not to knock the DTE).
It was a shocker to see them together again, provious Ozzfests had Ozzy with Zakk as the headline.

In Europe I see Maiden being th ebig draw, they still release new work and it fits their proven prog format without a hitch. IN the US, Maiden has lost much of it's draw but coming so quickly behind JP and Motley it is gonna be Maiden's show I think.

Maiden were only doing about 16 of the final dates on this tour and not the whole tour before they had agreed to do the hwole thing.

But just as Priest completely stole the show last year, I feel Maiden or even Black Label Society willl be doing it this year.

Sabbath needs new material, people aren't stupid and all the old Sabbath fans saw the reunion already.

Before I get ***** slapped, I am a HUGE Sabbaath and Ozzy fan, I LOVED them with DIO too, but he's on his own tour in Europe this summer.

THAT would be something, Ozzfest with Dio/Sabbath doing Mob Rules backed by Ozzy with Zakk!

Now THAT would be a draw, but Ronnie James Dio has quite the ego and Ozzy couldn't watch DIO sing with Sabbath either, some old war wounds between those two.

Now JP w/Queensryche last week, THAT was a good show! After 15 years apart, they wrote a completely new album that fits perfectly into the pre-Ripper Priest years, they toured as a headline behind it and have taken the world by storm (or a white bolt of lightning if you are familiar with the new album).

Their album has been selling like crazy (It DEBUTED at #13 on the US billboard charts!)topping Screaming For Vengeance and was the first time JP debuted at #1 (in Greece). All over and has been moving up the Billboard each week and after each show.

Keep it fresh and prove you can still do it, then nobody considers you a band looking for a cash grab on what they once were capable of.

Sabbath, while O love those guys are doing the Stones thing, just keep on having reunions and final farewell's. EVEN Cher got back into the studio when her crediblity was threatened!

But all in all, WarPigs and The Wizard do make for a great evening out!

EDIT: JD, I still haven't blogged a Priest revue, I wrote four the night of the first show and 7 on he night of the second show, so I am kinda reviewed out, but I'll get it online here soon.

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Not this time

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I'm going to OzzFest, Are ...

Last one I went to was Nijmegen(Holland). Slayer and Ozzie were the highlights of a damn good day out. I can even remember some of it, which shows I must be slowing down or at least getting wise enough to pace myself at my advanced age.
I particularly recall a voluptuous and scantily clad gothic blonde bouncing up and down to Seasons In the Abyss, she'd have had me for supper if the enormous bloke with her had some doggie bags for dinner left overs. She looked like a girl who enjoyed her meat raw.

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Tony how old are you now?

by Oz_Media In reply to Not this time

I had you pegged under 54 anyway!

If rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, KK Downing, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Toni Iommi etc. can do it almost nonstop for months, so can you!

Rather disappointed by your dismissal due to age.

Age is in the eye of the beholder, but they are all a bunch of old farts too, so their eyes aren't too good anyway.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Tony how old are you now?

c*nt. I'm a mere 42. Not age anyway, funds and I'm in the middle of a big project. Never managed a one day concert in my life. It's a very physical process after all, there's the warming up and down on either side, necessary to make it through the day of the concert and of course the first day back at work, where very little gets done for some reason.
I've actually missed two gigs from overwarming up which I still got annoyed about after warming down.

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by maecuff In reply to Cheeky

You're just a kid. And I know this because I am the same age. Do you ever look at yourself and wonder when you're going to grow up? When I think of my parents at 42, they were OLD. I'm not.

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Growing up

by Oz_Media In reply to 42?

I don't wonder when I will grow up, it will never happen, to OTHER people's standards of growing up anyway.

But I do often wonder what I'll be when I grow up, Fireman or Astronaut still sounds cool, maybe I'll be an Indian in the wild west! YOU can't say I won't either, because you don't know what I am capable of. AND my dad says I can be whatever I want to, so there!

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