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I'm going to OzzFest, Are you?

By jdclyde ·
Oh I am so geeked!

As I lay dying
Black Lable Society

and a bunch of others that I have never heard much from.

Oh this will be SOOOOOO cool! I think I will stay out of the mosh pits this year. I was hurting for a few days after the last time.

Anyone else going? Of are you waiting for Pat Boone to come around?
I will be at the DTE show on 8/4. Anyone else going to that show?

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of course you can be an astronaut.

by maecuff In reply to Growing up

I'm going to be a princess when I grow up. I already wear a tiara to work everyday. (I'm practicing)

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I was going to be a doctor

by jck In reply to Growing up

but, the dark side took me over and the world of beer and nudie bars turned me into...



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At one point a ladies doctor sounded cool

by jdclyde In reply to I was going to be a docto ...

until I found out most women go see "that" kind of doctor when there is something wrong with their mommy parts. EEWWWWWW!

And then the same reason I turned down a few job offers to DJ in a nudie club, I didn't want looking at pretty ladies to EVER become "work". (should have took the job!)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Cheeky

My point was that you had implied you were too old for that stuff nowdays, or at least that's what I read into it.

My point was that these guys are older than you and still pull it off. Mind you, going back to work the next day for them means, meeting the radio station hosting the show, signing some autographs, perhaps an accoustic radio performance, a sound check and then dinner befroe doing it all over again.

A mere 42, and you don't think you can pull it off anymore? C'mon, Tony, now you're disappointing me!

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to NO

I'm just out of practice, I have cut down over the last few years, but it's embarassing having to have the middle day off on a five day binge. It could also be knocking about with guys who give you an egg butty and a pint of wine for breakfast, while telling you about a pub that opens at ten in the morning.

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Just gving you a hard time

by Oz_Media In reply to Probably

I know exactly what you mean. I tried a tundra tour again a few years back and boy did it drain me. It's fun for the first month or so, then it's just work, then you just want to get done and go home.

But it's hard to keep up, most band members I work with are older than me and they tie one on SOMEHOW night after night and then get up and do it again the netx day.

I'l tell you, after a couple of Priest shows I was dead and done. Ozzfest is gonna be a fe wmore dates for me and it's a HOT all day one too, but then I get to rest and ***** until the next tour rolls through town, instead of 80+ shows in a row!

I was just raziing you though, I can't do it anymore either, at just 36!

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IF anyone's the least bit interested

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm going to OzzFest, Are ...

If it is YOUR bag, I have posted my JP reviews in my Blog. I figured seeing as it is a huge issue, teh new CD and the tour warranted separate blogs, though very similar on some ways.

Please, don't slam me for posting about my own blog, it just seems to fit this particular thread.


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afraid I can't

by jck In reply to I'm going to OzzFest, Are ...

not gonna make it this year...hahaha

If I were still 500 lbs and had my hair down to my shoulders, I'd get in that mosh pit.

I never trampled anyone, but I had been known to take on football players when they tried to get rough with the thin-frammed 15 year old skaters in the pit.

Despite what physics players can fly...just only about 15 feet.

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I always go for the big guys

by jdclyde In reply to afraid I can't

I weight about 30 lbs more than ANYONE puts me at, so when I match up and I sit around 240 (not a lot of fat, about 10 of that I need to lose for summer) I just don't move.

I get the same shocked look when the skinny health nut tries to butt horns in the narrow hallways at work. He weights in around 170 and his eyes open real wide when he puts the shoulder to me and bounces back. Too funny!

And yes, football players BOUNCE too! Would be fun to go shoulder to shoulder and clear the pit!

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by jck In reply to I always go for the big g ...

Yeah...when I was 21 and powerlifting and about...mmmmm...6'4 and 350-400

I'd go moshing because I roadied/securitied for my friends' thrash band. One time, they played at a college "battle of the bands" thing and several of the mosh kids came out and were gonna mosh during the set.

Well, they started then some of the university footballers decided they were gonna go in the pit and mosh with the kids and give em some grief. That's when I went into the mosh pit and "bounced" about 14 of the football team out before I got tired.

Needless to say...after I ran into them a couple times, they didn't want to go back into the pit.

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