I'm in the market for a laptop.

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
One of my primary wants is a heavy duty keyboard. I've used HP and Acer and am happy with both in relation to keyboard. I have lead fingers and both hold up well to them.

Gateway has a crap keyboard - it gives when I type.

I'd like to know what the other options re: keyboards are. How are those Dell, Lenovo, and whoever else keyboards?

Other experiences welcome. Tales and testaments, please.


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Thanks Capt.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Here are a couple I'd loo ...

Will cruise Panasonic. Cursory glance looks interesting.
Looking for 17" display and full keyboard with number pad. Display size is key with all the hours at homework I'll be spending.

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how about a toughbook?

by CG IT In reply to I'm in the market for a l ...

if you drop em, spill drinks on em, smash em, leave on the top of the car and drive away, toss em out the window cuz your mad..... they will keep on going...

We use the Dell Latitude and that's for the field engineers who abuse them. They hold up pretty well

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Glad you agree. :) <NT>

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to how about a toughbook?
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toughbooks are great laptops

by CG IT In reply to Glad you agree. :) <NT>

drop em, kick em, in foul weather, they will work. they will however die if you drop em from a roof, or try underwater computing.

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I've found another thing they don't like....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to toughbooks are great lapt ...

... if you back your car over one.

I knew of two different adjusters that did that.

I used to laugh when one would call in to complain that their laptop would no longer work after they "just used it for a while in the rain."

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That sounds like some First Hand Experience

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to toughbooks are great lapt ...

So I have to ask what you where doing on a Roof with a Toughbook or what you where doing underwater with one?

Though to be fair I saw one that had been dropped overboard after it was retrieved but it only went in about 8 feet of water which was admittedly Salt Water but it wasn't turned on at the time the Person just dropped it as they where getting into the boat.

But I'm still at a loss to know why it was required in a 25 Foot Cabin Cruiser going out fishing. Naturally I just hosed it off with fresh Town water and left it in the sun to dry for the day while they went out fishing It worked perfectly OK when the returned that night and didn't have the Salt Residue on it.

But they certainly don't like being left on a Excavator Track while the Tech is doing a diagnostic and the excavator takes off. They do look quite nice once they have had a 40 Ton Excavators track sitting on one though while it's opened. A very modern Art type look with those lines of deep groves all over the thing. I wouldn't even try to pick one up after that I just used a shovel to move it to the rubbish bin. :^0


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Well here's a point, the army uses em

by CG IT In reply to That sounds like some Fir ...

used to be the army had a couple of pickup trucks with the tech manuals on board. They following the tanks around so if one broke down they could fix em [remember this as I was working for a defense contractor that bid on the contract to supply laptops for maintenance manuals. Army though it a good idea but they figured out that to put all the data into the laptop would cost more than having a couple of pickups following the tanks around. This was before OCR scanners actually worked well. ]

Anyway, the military's need for a toughbook took off after OCR scanning became good enough. The toughbook is designed to some of the military's specs. Water, shock, resistant and figuring that army grunts will abuse the laptop, like leaving it on tank tracks or having hands covered in oil and typing on the keyboard, they stand up to some pretty abusive use.

As to being on a roof with a toughbook and ooops would you look at that, it fell... well fixing crap on the roof needs tech manuals and the toughbook had it.

underwater computing... hey well you need a laptop loaded with pics of all the fish species you'll see. Who can remember em all? :)

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Kind of reminds me of a Navy Training Film I saw

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well here's a point, the ...

On the deck of an Aircraft Carrier the Flight Guys where plugging into the Aircraft running the Diagnostics on one side of the aircraft then Clamming the NB dropping it to the deck and kicking it under the aircraft so that the guy the other side could pick it up and plug in that side to do the finial checks.

I don't think many footballs would have lasted long being treated like that but the NB's that IBM supplied seemed to take the punishment quite happily. Not sure that all of the Salt Spray that they where subject to finally did to them but they seemed to work well enough for the Flight Line guys to use.

After seeing how the Air force Aircraft Mechanics here treat their hand tools I wouldn't allow any of them near a Computer of any type let alone a NB. Knowing how they work they would probably throw a NB into a running Jet Engine to see if it broke the engine.


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Yep! I think I saw that myself...

by CG IT In reply to Kind of reminds me of a N ...

The engine was running so instead of risking getting sucked into the engine they kicked the laptop back and forth. Hilarious but a very good commercial for NBs .

Like John Cameron Swaze says about Timex watches...takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Now if they strap one onto an outboard and do a few laps and it still works, who wouldn't want that laptop?

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Thanks CG IT.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to how about a toughbook?

How's the keyboard?

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