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I'm Not a Pirate, But I know A few ARGGH

By MallardtooXX ·
This is something that has been festering for a couple of weeks now so I am gonna let it dump here. There was a discussion about Piracy and the fact that it is a bad thing, which it is I concede. The part that frosts me is this, everyone was talking about how it is morally and ethically wrong to Pirate, how it costs companies billions in rev. Blah blah blah. No one stops to think that the software we are suing right now be it windows or mac was, initially, Pirated from IBM. I dunno, if not bill and steve would this be a unix/linux world?

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Check your Linux

by MallardtooXX In reply to Uh

Windows Which is a direct decendant of MS dos is a blatant rip off of unix. Look at your command structures in linux and then compare them to ms dos. Windows 1.0 was actually a scab of the unix visual operating systems of the mid seventies. Bill gates is the Master Pirate. People seem to think that he is a software he is a really good pirate and a hellafine businessman. It is not that I condone Piracy, but, I think it is funny how people tend to forget what the world was like before Microsoft

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by pallan In reply to Check your Linux

DOS and Windows share some things in common with Unix variants. Directory structures, similar command names, etc. Windows, in its early stages, was a rip off of Apple's work, which was in turn a rip off of the X Consortium's work. At worst Microsoft infringed several patents in DOS and Windows, but since the holders of those patents didn't file suit, that point is moot. Nothing there is pirated.

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Who is the real pirate?

by djent In reply to I'm Not a Pirate, But I k ...

Was it Apple that stole Xerox's GUI or MS that stole Apple's GUI or Lotus's spreadsheet, and so on and so forth. In a recent MS quarterly statement, they disclosed for the first time, desktop OS profit margin of 85%. And they whine about slow adoption rates, Linux defections, piracy and the rifraf in Tahiti. I feel alot more benolence toward the hungry stealing carrots from my garden then Ken Lay stealing my 401K. We all determine our own morality, St. Peter isn't a Vegas matre'd and Bill G. isn't a saint.

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