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I'm not sure these forums are helping...

By mcswan454 ·
So I've read nearly everything, and yes, I've had my daily dose of comedy.

Apple manufactures hardware and software. They make phones. They make stuff. Microsoft, is a software company. They make stuff designed (sort of) to be run on a variety of appliances (PC's, etc.). I'm actualy going to edit this to include Linux, because it is also a fine computing environment.

I'm going to regret this, but as a computer professional who uses and recommends various products to clients (One size does NOT fit all), could SOMEONE tell me what the D**K-swinging contest is about?!?!

I loved my Apple II. Right after the school replaced the aging and outdated DEC pdp8 (.">

But it didn't take long for me to realize that IBM PC's had the floor. PLEASE understand some history before unleashing some of the attacks I expect.

And yes, I'm dating myself but that's ok.

What I ask is, will everyone -- AND I MEAN EVERYONE -- go do some research about the various companies, learn some of their histories, successes and catastrophic failures, then come back and have a civil discussion?

Say what you wish, but I fear some of "us" are not techs, not geeks, not real computer users for what they are designed to do.

I don't own an iPad, but I might. Don't own any other type of tablet... But I might. And as far as phones go? I?m sorry (Guys/Gals/Kids/Anyone else I didn?t include), I REALLY only use mine to place and receive calls.

I'm a tech (in the worst way) but I REFUSE to remain connected UNLESS IT PAYS THE BILLS! I like to sleep at night, and other things (my girlfriend being one of them, but this is a family show.) Being too-well connected MIGHT get me more money, but will absolutely destroy my health, my ability to engage with others, etc. Been there....

Do you feel you're accomplishing MORE now? Or, rather, HAVE you accomplished more? Honestly? So what matters?

See where this goes? "We are Borg. Resistance is futile."

Would you believe I still like face-to-face conversation? Would you believe I don't mind going out for dinner, drinks and a "Shoot-the s**t" with friends? I actually go to the library in the evenings to read (new concept here) BOOKS!!!

Yes, I teach also. So occasionally learning from the past my help my students in their future.

And phone texting?

Only if it's in an emergency, and somewhere where my voice would disturb others. (Why have it otherwise?)

In the rush to become "more connected", we've disconnected ourselves. And I'm going to let you in on a secret, which I hope some, even the bloggers, may take to heart:

Sometimes, you get what you deserve. Sometimes, you deserve what you get.

Now read it a second time.

(Sorry Steve, I had no choice, and you KNOW it! And Bill, let this Ballmer guy keep up his "s**t", I'll be on your back too.)

Read through the blogs, this becomes painfully clear. Read a newspaper, it becomes painfully clear.

As with my customers; my clients, I'll choose what I need based on the need, and whom best fills it.

Isn't that simple? Could you live with that, or shall you Google me, hunt me down, and make me pay for NOT choosing your brand?

But thanks again for the laughs... And you wonder why we're at WAR? We can't even hold a civil debate!


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James an old Blad 500 ELM

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to But professionals see the ...

Was dropped in a swamp, launched around a car twice when the car was involved in crashes and on both occasions the car was parked at the time with the Camera Body inside the car. On the second occasion it traveled through the front screen into the cockpit of the car hitting the car it was in and still worked.

Granted it took him my brother ten years before it needed a service and god only known how many instances of abuse for it to stop working. Things like when he did weddings he would have guests throw up in his camera bag or launch it down steps with cameras, bodies, lens or whatever bouncing out all over the place.

He did however damage one 1200 MM telephoto the very first time he used it when a supplied helper dropped it overboard from the rigging on a Square Rigger. My brother without thinking threw the Helper in after the lens.

Currently I have the Blad dealers here loan me a H2 and an assortment of lenses occasionally and it's a really nice unit to use. While it does a good job I still don't think that it's quite as good as Film was but it's certainly much more convenient.

I still use a old 35 mm Minolta for my own personal use as well as a Sony Cybershot for Happy Snaps. I would love to have several Blad bodies about but She Who Must Be Obeyed is hard to convince. Actually I couldn't justify having them for what I do but they are certainly nice to use.


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Lets see here...

by JamesRL In reply to But professionals see the ...

I've got a Nikkormat EL circa 1977 here. Oh and my original Nikkormat ELW. Its electronics are dead, but the shutter still works - parts for the newer one I suppose.

I have a Yashicamat 240. Shutter is messed up but I can't bear to part with her. Would cost more than its worth to fix but I may do it some day.

I have a 1950s Contaflex. The orginal owner gave it to me, shutter problems (these old leaf shutters.

I just bought a load of parts for my Vivitar 285 flash. Oldie but a goodie.

I've got not a lot of room, I suspect my wife has sympathy for your wife.

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Get Ozzie started on audio formats. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You wanna see fanboys?
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Feel better?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm not sure these forums ...

Sometimes you just gotta get this stuff off your chest.

The 'Discussions' forum here at TR is pretty free-form. We describe it as a 'water cooler', where conversations are allowed, even encouraged, to wander wherever the participants take them. Some like it, some don't (especially those arriving here from more tightly moderated forums). Things are a little more restrained over in the 'Questions' forum, and the content there is definitely more technically oriented.

Welcome to the asylum.

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RE: Resistance is futile

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm not sure these forums ...

Yep you are correct Resistance is Futile you will be absorbed by the Borg and become part of the community.

Now you need to understand that One Size does fit all because I read that on the Internet so it must be right. But in fairness to that I must say that everyone in business needs a computer. Most times it doesn't matter what it is but provided it does the required job for them it's required.

Be that some form of Mac for the Graphic Artists a small Blade Server to run some form of Nix for those into CG or the Near Enough is way better than actually required for the multitude of Windows Users out there.

Now you can get to stand on your favorite Soap Box and spread the Good Oil about your favorite OS.

OH and you have certainly dated yourself by the above post You are a Youngster probably one of those who tried to tell me what and how to do things when they first walked in the door and insisting that they knew it all. We all grow out of that eventually or at least we need to. :^0


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you do.

by Jaqui In reply to RE: [i]Resistance is futi ...

need to grow out of it.

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OH Jacqui

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to you do.

I grew out of it years ago and then I grew back into it when I found that I was the Only One With All of the Answers.

But on a more serious note it's worrying when you have the dealers describe you as a Know it all Bastard who really Knowns it all.

I just said that I had a bit more practice than others and no one believed me.


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benefit though

by Jaqui In reply to OH Jacqui

to the dealers calling you a know it all ******* who really does know it all.

they don't try selling you something you don't need.

they know they can't pull the wool over your eyes.
[ odd that wool doesn't impede the performance of radar huh? ]

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by NexS In reply to RE: [i]Resistance is futi ...

Was once Borg, and he escaped.

Why can't we?

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RE: Was once Borg, and he escaped.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Picacrd

Not correct actually he was actually removed from Close Proximity to the Collective.

Instead of being completely controlled by the Borg he was completely controlled by the need to Exterminate them all.

Just think of a Darlek saying Exterminate when you read the above. :0

But no matter what Picacrd was forever changed by his Encounter with the Borg when he became Locutus of Borg. However even then he was not a Typical Borg Drone but one of the leaders chosen to be some kind of Mate for the Borg Queen.

Col ]:)

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