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I'm Through With This

By cmiller5400 ·
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I give up. I've had it. I surrender. I quit.

Multiple times over multiple days I've tried to post an answer to Q&A's, and it still won't post. I was saving my posts in notepad so I could try and post later but it still doesn't help. I can't post it seems, so...

I hate to give up on a site, so, to those in the know and the PTB's, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this (or tell me what the H E double hockey sticks I'm doing wrong if it is my fault). It has been a great 12 years I've been here on this site, I've had many laughs here and shed too many tears when we lost some of our dear friends (w2ktechman, santee, OlderMycroft, and others I can't remember) and I'd like to continue being part of this community but this is just plain frustrating.

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here's an idea . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I'm Through With This

Don't parse links in posts
sure click-able links are convenient
but if a script is running to stop the script that parses the links it's just redundant bloat

remove both and just let the links post as plain text
if a user is actually interested in what's at the link
they can copy / paste to the location / address bar

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