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Inauguration and an independents view of it

By jdclyde ·
Ok, we have a new President. Some of the things I have noticed since the election.

First, we don't have the pathetic bickering and sabotage that we had as the Clinton Administration left office. This has been neat, orderly, and civil, even respectful.

Second, there have not been the bickering of insane people complaining about fictitious "stealing" of the election. We had the election, someone won, someone lost, we moved on. Had Obama not come out on top, would it be the same, or would it be like the last two elections?

Third, for the last two years, we kept hearing this was NOT an election about race, but it now seems clear this is a Presidency about race. We don't have a half white man, we don't have a half black man, we don't even have a MAN, we have a black man. Is Obamas skin color really going to be the only thing I am going to hear about for the next 4 years? I hope he can get away from that and actually DO something positive.

Fourth, feminists celebrated the advancements of women after the election, even though there were not any new female accomplishments out of the election. All offices have not only previously been held by women, but a BLACK woman. Oh yeah, Republican, so not a real woman or really black. Silly me.

Fifth, the actual inauguration. Four years ago, Democrats called for a "somber" inauguration, and Bush spent $40 mill. We are STILL in the same war, but Obama is breaking every spending record on the major partys he is having. Where are the calls for "somber" celebration? Oh yeah, again, Democrats were calling for a Republican to do it. Doesn't mean the same people will have the INTEGRITY to make the same call of a fellow Democrat.

Sixth, and last for now. Schools, colleges, and even government work places were taking time out of their day to watch the inauguration. I guess I missed hearing about them doing the same for the last few?

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Did anyone hear him take the oath?

by jdclyde In reply to Inauguration and an indep ...

Where was the "great orator" we kept hearing about? You would think he would have practiced that once or twice before hand.

you can jump up to 8

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The issue was

by cmiller5400 In reply to Did anyone hear him take ...

The issue was that Chief Justice Roberts screwed up the oath. He did not put "faithfully" in the correct place. Obama caught this and did not say it until Chief Justice Roberts repeated it correctly.

(if that is what you were referring to, I can't access youtube at work)

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When you get home

by jdclyde In reply to The issue was

you can judge for yourself, right?

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Obama retakes oath of office

by cmiller5400 In reply to The issue was

Obama was re-sworn in last night.

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Heard that on the radio on the way into work

by jdclyde In reply to Obama retakes oath of off ...

Did you watch the video from the first time around?

Sure, the Justice took the blame, but Obama flubbed.

Notice even when it was repeated correctly, Obama said the original and incorrect version.

The great orator, isn't. Not the first time he has flubbed his lines, and is what happens when he isn't reading a script. I expect a lot more of this to come.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Heard that on the radio o ...

I saw that he flubbed the dub as well. Oh well, I would need several changes of shorts if I was in his position. I DON'T like crowds.

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That was the way I saw it

by shasca In reply to Heard that on the radio o ...

If OB would have held his huge arrogant ego in check two more seconds and not walked all over the words,Roberts would not have had an issue with his side.

Then Biden made Dmbas comment about it later in the day as the WH. staff was being sworn in. Once again condescending to the people they were sworn in to be serving.

I'm nervous, very very nervous.

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You folks are really nit-picking

by IC-IT In reply to That was the way I saw it

I think he might have had a hair out of place too!

You have to really grasp at straws to make a big deal out of this. Roberts pauses then Obama starts and Roberts spits out the rest of the first line. Obama continues to finish the first line and Roberts incorrectly starts the second.
Obama didn't make an issue or get upset with Roberts, he acted very cordial.

If these are the thoughts and reflections you came away from the event with, then I feel very sorry for your mental state.

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No one made a big deal out of it

by jdclyde In reply to You folks are really nit- ...

but it was something that happened, and fair to make note of.

If you look, you will find EVERY slip that Bush said, followed by ignorant hateful people saying how stupid he is.

I did not reflect this against his intelligence, just that this is hardly the first time he has flubbed his lines.

Maybe feeling a little hyper sensitive about this?

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Sensitive are you using

by IC-IT In reply to You folks are really nit- ...

a mirror?

"If you look, you will find EVERY slip that Bush said, followed by ignorant hateful people saying how stupid he is."

This then is your new position?

Reflect on your own posts to this thread and the partial distortions and half-truths, amongst those;
Claiming that Reid is a member of the "win at all cost Dems", hmmm, that would seem very Karl Rovish.

The reflection on the Clinton to Bush changeover (after it took the Supreme Court to declare the election, either side would have been let down and from the way both campaigns operated, neither would have shown the grace our former and new President handled the transistion), but failure to mention the previous Bush to Clinton transisition. That was not a pretty sight from a party that lost a one term presidency.

You claim to be an Independant now? I believe (perhaps wrongly) that it is more of a very right leaning conservative that was disenfranchised with his party's candidate. Exactly what parts of the Independant platform attracts you the most?

Least I forget, one of the strongest messages to come from this election and the current status of our Nation and the World is perhaps now should be the time to work togather for common causes and solutions to dire problems. Problems that require the strength and leadership of many people from both sides.

Or you can sit back and claim that it is now the Dems problems. ;-)

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