Incorrect time on networked pc's??

By Mikebyrne000 ·
When users log onto the network there clock is out by 7 minutes

They log onto the "Falcon" domain but where do I change the clock so they are all the same??

(Ive checked the bios clock and windows clock on the pc's and they are correct, its just when they log onto the network)

The computers are running xp and server 2003

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Computer Management

by Churdoo In reply to NIC's

From a rig that you CAN log into with an admin account, you can go to Computer Management / Connect to another computer / Specify the server in question / fix the permissions so that you can log on to said server via RDP / voila!

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Set Permissions within Computer Management console???

by Mikebyrne000 In reply to Incorrect time on network ...

How do I alter the permission to allow remote access to this terminal?

I cant see a security option?

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You won't on a DC

by neilb@uk In reply to Set Permissions within Co ...

There is no local user logon, only domain user access. Do you have any idea what the virtualisation software is?

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use NTP instead

by oldbaritone In reply to Incorrect time on network ...

We have had a couple of episodes of time drift on servers. The easiest solution was to configure everyone to sync to an outside NTP time server.

here's info from NIST for 2K and XP. Vista and 7 are configured in a similar manner:

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Domain Controller

by Mikebyrne000 In reply to use NTP instead

I'll was going to do something like this on the domain controller which Im trying to find/access

I've since found out its on a virtual machine

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We had the DC sync to NTP

by oldbaritone In reply to Domain Controller

but the server's real-time clock was whacked and it still had a lot of drift. That raased problems with workstations connected to secure internet sites that had short time-outs - the clock would cause them to be logged out before they could complete the data input.

It was a hardware problem, but it took a while to get a replacement server box because mgmt didn't perceive it as a problem and replacement would cause an outage.

The two work-arounds we did were to decrease the server re-sync time to 30 minutes instead of 24 hours, so the clock couldn't drift too far; and set the workstations to sync to internet time directly, so their RTCs were correct in the "real world."

After two months, we finally got the new box, so it's moot at this point. But we got a real education about how much havoc a defective RTC can wreak.

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virtual machine eh.... so which hdware server does it run on?

by CG IT In reply to Domain Controller

log on to that...then log in to the virtual instance... fix the problem.

don't forget the labeler...

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That's what im trying at the minute

by Mikebyrne000 In reply to virtual machine eh.... so ...

Is there any way to tell what machine the server is sitting on?

All im going on at present is the bog standard

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well as your profile says your a student, . this would be a good lesson

by CG IT In reply to That's what im trying at ...

Sometimes the best education is doing.....

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