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Information Technology: Is There a Demand?

By swgoldwire2546 ·
I thought I would start my weekly threads regarding computers and technology, and how the world is shaped by such.

I start out this thread regarding the information technology sector in my response to Theta-blue's thread regarding the information technology labor hoax.

Although organisations, from big corporates to the United States federal government, are pushing to fight the IT shortage, there is the question regarding the demand. Giving the fact that people of all ages and education levels who enter the info. tech. sector would be paid at lower salaries is of great concern to those, even of the TechRepublic crew.

The scenario has come down to this factor: I perceive that, based on Theta-blue's discussion, that there is simply not enough demand for even skilled info. tech. labor.

There are other sectors involving computers and technology that organisations have high demands (or so I think) for skilled/experienced labour. I would like to share your thoughts and experiences in response to this matter.


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by beads In reply to That doesn't comply with ...

Once you put humans into the equation everything falls apart.

Demographics indicate that the smart, intelligent couples of this world are or have delayed having their smart childeren later in life or too late to have childeren in the first place.

Guess its time to get with 'W''s No child left a dime... errr, behind thing and teach the next generation of IT geeks and nerds.

After all I don't want to be called out in the middle of the night to fix some ancient BIND 9.22 box when I'm 82.

- beads

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We have both

by jdmercha In reply to Information Technology: ...

As I've pointed out in other threads..
1.Workers with the skills companies are looking for
2. Companies that will provide training for worker to devleop those skills
3. Jobs for people without those specific skills.
1. Skilled IT workers looking for jobs.
2. Jobs that don't match the skills taught in schools
3. Third world countries providing their people with the training needed to fill jobs in the US.

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I get it!

by beads In reply to We have both

I'll train them! I really will! But first they have to be:

- Trainable
- Have a background worthy of being trained
- Educated in a background in DP/IT/IS/CS

What I usually see:

- MCSEs (3.x and 4.x) with no experience let
alone in development.
- One year certificates from local community
colleges. Tough to train folks in HRIS without
some business/advanced college.
- Two year certificates/associates in robotics
- Four year degrees in History, Philosphy or Home

If you want a position (not just a job) get the right education and keep getting educated in the field. One or two CS courses just don't cut it.

- beads

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Liberal arts?

by M_a_r_k In reply to I get it!

Is this the type of candidates you look for? Or the ones whose resume comes across your desk? What's with the history, philosophy and home ec? I suspect they are easier to adapt and train.

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Now this just confuses me

by jdmercha In reply to I get it!

I agree 100% with what you are looking for and what you are willing to do. But I don't see what you are seeing. The last position I was invloved with we got over 100 resumes. More than 30 of them had an IT related MS, plus 5 or more years experience.

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