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By Kratos7 ·
I need some help with two problems. I am trying to make a career change, and in doing so, I recently graduated with my Master's Degree in Computer Information Systems. I also obtained a newer certification called a Certified Information Assurance Professional. I guess I figured that once I got my MSCIS and CIAP, I could basically get a job without much problem. That is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought. The first problem I am having is that I currently work in a non I.T. related field, that being a Trooper with the Michigan State Police. When I apply for I.T. positions I usually meet or exceed the educational requirements, but not the "formal" experience because I have been Trooping for the last 10+ years. The second problem I am having is that since everyone wants your resume electronically, the law enforcement experience is the only thing on there, and it seems to over shadow the education in CIS. Added to that is with the electronic resume, there really is no avenue to verbally sell yourself to employers. It's the old cliche, "You need experience to get hired, but you cant get the experience because no one will hire you." I'm not trying to start off as the CISO, I just want to get my foot in the door, and go from there. What should I do to get someone to just give me a chance?

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Helpful suggestions

by jsfald In reply to If you have time in your ...

Thanks for answering his question. It has helped me, too.

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Good Idea

by Kratos7 In reply to If you have time in your ...

I'll have to look into that. The key you mentioned was "if you have time in your schedule". I might have an opportunity to do some base teaching of infosec concepts, but that's still up in the air. It would concentrate more on infosec exposure for interdisciplinary standpoint, for exapmle HIPPA for nursing students, etc.

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