Install a printer on a specific USB port

By CharlieSpencer ·
I'm trying to install a printer on a specific USB port.

We have a labeling application called Codesoft. It requires each label have a printer port specified in the individual label file. (No, that's not how I'd do it either.) We have several hundred labels coded to output to USB2.

The original printer died and I replaced it with an identical model. However, Windows XP SP2 considers it a new device and goes through the driver installation process again. WXP insists on installing it on USB3, regardless of which one of the five available USB ports I connect it to. The Ports tab on the Printer Properties dialog box does not show a USB2 port, just USB3 and USB1 (in use by different printer make and model).

Windows can print to the USB3 printer, but the labels don't print because they trying to come out on USB2, which has no device attached.

How can I reassign this printer to USB2?

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1 thought

by w2ktechman In reply to Install a printer on a sp ...

Can you change the port in the printer properties?
Does it list several USB ports there?
Can you re-install the printer using the Windows Wizard, select local printer but do not auto detect.
Then look for the USB printer port and choose it.

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No and Unknown

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 1 thought

The only USB ports listed in Properties are USB1 (in use by another printer) and USB3, the active but unwanted port this one keeps installing on.

I'll try the no-detect on Monday and let you know.


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And No

by CharlieSpencer In reply to No and Unknown

Nope, I didn't get a USB2 port option that way either.

Thanks anyway.

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Registry Edit

by TheChas In reply to Install a printer on a sp ...

Most likely, you will need to edit the registry to fix this problem.

CAUTION: Improper use of regedit can disable your computer.

First, create a restore point, and make a back up copy of the registry. That way, if anything goes wrong you can easily step back to where you were.

Uninstall the USB3 printer.

Open regedit and use the search function to search for USB2.

To play things safe, for each key that contains USB2, change it to USB3 or USB4.

Exit regedit and reboot the system.

Install the printer.

"IF" all of the settings for the USB printer ports are in the registry, the printer should now install as USB2.

If for some reason it installs as USB3, USB4 or USB5, you will need to get a bit more daring with regedit.

You will need to delete all keys that reference USB3, USB4 and / or USB5 in relation to a printer.

If the new printer continues to install as USB3, you will need to find the .inf and related files that the printer driver / software is using to enumerate the printers.
You will either need to delete, edit or replace these files.


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USB2 not found

by Tink! In reply to Registry Edit

USB002 is nowhere to be found on my registry. USB001 and USB003 are there (even for old printers no longer installed) but zilch on USB002

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In the reg.

by w2ktechman In reply to USB2 not found

can you rename USB003 to USB002?
back up the reg. first.

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Another suggestion

by Tink! In reply to Install a printer on a sp ...

if you PC is behaving like mine, you will not find USB2 anywhere in the registry either, and Device manager does not display USB ports.

So, I suggest uninstalling ALL USB printers and then reinstall both. Hopefully Windows will go in consecutive order and assign USB1 and then USB2. (May need to remove all instances of USB3 in the registry before reinstalling)

I would test it on my computer first, but USB003 it isn't a problem for me and my printers have customized settings which I don't feel like re-doing again.


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