Install new screensaver in Windows Vista

By schamb_hrd ·
How can I install a screensaver from a flash drive in Windows Vista? At work, on a Dell PC, it works fine. At home, the Preview option works, but the .scr file does not. Does Vista not want us to do this, to personalize our new PCs?

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Have you tried ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Install new screensaver i ...

Navigating to the .SCR file on the flash drive and just double clicking it.

Assuming (and admittedly - it is a BIG assume) that Vista behaves the same as XP, by double clicking the .SCR file the OS should install it to the correct path.

Usually the problem most Vista users have is copying files from wherever into Vista using some form of file manager. This is where they usually come unstuck.

Due to the various security protocols that Vista forces on the system, it doesn't 'see' anything that Vista itself has not installed.

By double clicking while the file is still on the flash drive, you are allowing Vista to install it wherever Vista wants.

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Screensaver install in VISTA

by schamb_hrd In reply to Install new screensaver i ...

Thanks, Old Mycroft. Tried your suggestion. No apparent success. Tried every which way from Sunday! But, after the eleventh attempt I noticed that my TheMatrix screensaver actually worked. The only thing I learned is what I already knew - that Microsoftware will not do what it is supposed to do until the user has maxed out the frustration quotient.

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So what exactly finally DID work? <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Screensaver install in VI ...
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This is what worked for me

by os2 In reply to So what exactly finally D ...

I wanted to get the "My Pictures" slideshow program from XP working on Vista. I had ssmypics.scr (from XP:/windows/system32) on a network drive. Clicking on the icon for that file let me run the file but it did not install automatically. The trick was to right click and select the "Install" menu option. So simple once you find it but without reading the previous postings I probably would not have done so.

One thing though, after the install I couldn't find ssmypics.scr on my local drive so I suspected that Vista was running the program from the network. To test that I did a software disconnect of that particular drive. Sure enough, the screensaver disappeared from the desktop list. So I copied the script to the local drive and re-installed. Vista even remembered the settings.

Hope that helps.

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... and in case you are wondering ...

by os2 In reply to So what exactly finally D ...

... why I wanted the XP slideshow rather than the one that comes with Vista: it was just that the XP version works better for me. My slideshow pictures are of small collectable items, all at the same relative scaling (so a 30 mm item is 50% larger than a 20 mm item). The Vista slideshow helpfully blows them up to the maximum size that will fit on the screen, which makes all the items look the same size. It also stretches the images horizontally (because I have a 16:10 aspect ratio screen). The XP version doesn't do that; it keeps the pictures in the original scaling and aspect ratio. It also has more suitable screen transitions.

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Installing new personal screensaver in Vista

by schamb_hrd In reply to ... and in case you are w ...

Thanks for the benefit of your experience. My problem, I think, was really very simple. Having learned many lessons over the years about the benefits of right-clicking, I did a lot of that.

In this case, believe I neglected to scan the *.scr file, well, because I have used it successfully on my PC at work and it has seemed to be clean and cause no problems.

Once I scanned the file, which may have been my 12th attempt, the screensaver worked. And I'm happy to say that it has done so ever since.

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