Installed new RAM, . . . Now no sound !

By whdjr ·
I am new at this, I learn something new every day. My son had installed new "ram" for me,BUT now I have no sound at all from my speakers.
(only 2).
I've tried everything I could think of, and then some. I don't want to mess up my p.c.
because I downloaded the wrong software.
I have a Compaq presario SR1303WM (Windows XP). I am getting very frustrated.
I spent 2 days trying to figure something out that will give me sound. When I turn the speakers on, I hear them turning on, But after that, . . . . Nothing !
As mentioned above. . I am new at this !
P.s. I am disabled. unable to lift the modem.
Can Anyone help me ? (

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by nepenthe0 In reply to ♪♫ ♪& ...

True Blue, I'm envious, but you deserve it.

Really classy.

Rick/Portland, OR

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and here's one for you, nepenthe0 :-)

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to ♪♫ ♪& ...

<img src="">

hope ya like it.

You can add it by editing your Profile.

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Wow Capt'n Billy I like them both

by Jacky Howe In reply to &#9834;&#9835; &#9834;& ...

I will be using the first one soon. You guessed right, I wasn't being sarcastic at all, I had to right click on the page and select 'View source' to find your code. Animating is not my forte. :)

Your flag looks a lot smoother than the one that I am using. Thank you very much for that pleasent surprise. I found out how to turn text upside down but it wont work in the Name tag on TR.

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How to edit or add a custom avatar:

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to &#9834;&#9835; &#9834;& ...

In case you need 'em, here are the steps:

1. Right click the graphic and select 'Save Picture as'.
2. Save it to your Desktop as a GIF.
3. Go to Photobucket and create yourself an on-line album (there are other choices out there but this is the most popular, easy to use and free).
4. Upload the graphic to Photobucket.
5. Copy the Direct Link URL address of the graphic.
6. Go to your TechRepublic Workspace page.
7. Click on the Profile tab (not the 'edit profile' link).
8. Click the Edit Profile button.
9. In the Photo section, paste the URL address of the graphic.
10. Click the Update My Profile button at the bottom.

Whew! Done.

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whdjr, What's the word?

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to RE: RAM, but no sound.

Were you able to resolve your issue?

If so, what was the ultimate solution?

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I agree with the pirate's response -

by nepenthe0 In reply to Installed new RAM, . . . ...

The most likely explanation is that the speaker cable is plugged into the wrong port. I know you're irritated with your son, but perhaps you can ask him to recheck the connection, and switch the cable to the correct slot for speakers.

If the Device Manager indicates that the Sound controller is working properly, and no trouble code is flagged, I would not mess with the driver update wizard.

Once you get the speakers working, however, you may be compelled to apologize to your son, because your computer will indeed perform much better with the additional RAM...

Rick/Portland, OR

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