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Installing a Motorola 56k Modem..ERROR

By cyberghost_1 ·
I tried installing a Motorola 56k Voice/Fax Modem on a XP PRO PC, I get a security warning stating that the DRIVER is NOT Digitally Signed by Microsoft. I choose to continue the install and I get a BLUE screen stating that XP has been shut down due to an avoid damaging the system. On the box for the Modem it says that it is not Signed by MS and when I get the Security Warning, to continue...supposedly without a problem. Obviously there is a problem, since I get the blue screen and XP and the PC has to be restarted. In the help screen for "Why is the Digital Signature Important" It suggests Windows Update...This PC has not been updated that much. Also, XP was currupted once about a month ago, I repaired the installation, since then the PC has been VERY SLOW on startup and opening anything. There is no valuable info on the HDD. Just the basic...XP, Office XP, Works, Nero, Adobe....the basic package. The owner hasn't used it yet...
I think I should format the HDD and reinstall everything...and start from scratch....What is the deal with all this?

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by diskaus In reply to Installing a Motorola 56k ...

giving the fact that you had to do a repair to the operating system ,and now running slow and slow to respond , there is obviously something still not quite right with it, I would do a format but i would go one step further and go to the HDD manufacturers site and download a diagnostic utility and and lowlevel format the drive then using the xp cd create and format then reinstall windows then SP2, I have recently revived 2 HDDs just by doing this. Some might say it is over the top but it may just save having to replace the HDD unnecessarily and save some $$.

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

You posted 2 answers...sorry u only get point for 1...thanks

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by RCOM In reply to Installing a Motorola 56k ...

If formatting is the cure-all, why even have a support site like this where points are awarding to the person that comes up with a solution that fixes one's sick PC? No matter the technical level, we all learn by helping each other get through the process.

In this situation it may not help to format the drive since the original conflict with the modem would no doubt still exsist. As mentioned the modem may not be compatible with XP and replacing it is a cheap solution.

It would help to know exactly what the blue screen says. Reinstall the modem so the error comes back. The XXX_XXX_XXX message which points to the offending driver or other software component and first stop error number(0X00000000)should be enough to troubleshoot with.

Also if you look in the Event Viewer log there may be helpful information there.

You should first address the slowness. What's causing that? Have you ran virus and spybot software. Checked in MSCONFIG to see what's running. I bet there's a bunch of crap running that's not needed. Search this and other sites for solutions. The system should have been patched when previously "repaired" and has possibly been compromised because of missing security updates. As technicians we should feel obligated to clean and secure systems as we work on them. Not doing so may result in further problems that the tech will get blamed for anyway.

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

I had a previous Q posted (CLOSED) about this PC having 2 intalls of XP because the origional inst. was corrupted...the 2nd Install workfine. All that was running (MSCONFIG) was Norton AV 2005, InCD, NeroCheck, and 4 more things. The same as the 2nd inst. No Virii or SpyWare/Adware found using multiple programs. The REPAIR that I had done wasn't successful until the 4th time that I attepted it. Booting from the XP disk and repairing from the Partition stage of the Installation process, after the PC rebooted and the main screen (Estimated Time Remaining Screen) I would get a msg stating that the Installer need a certain file from the WinXP disk. The origional disk was in the CD-ROM, so after some trying it finished the repairs. That is my main suspicion for the problems...Plus I didn't have online access at my office at the time...and my boss wouldn't let me take it home to run the updates, etc...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Installing a Motorola 56k ...

i would shotgun the slowness with a check in the event log and apply all the windows patches sp2 and all the ie and office patches, then defrag it. maybe if forgot to exclude exe's from the virus checking? or forgot to set swap file back after defragging? imh experience slow is usually spyware or virus related if not on a network. how about is safe mode. does it open stuff slow then?
as for the modem, you should have a restore point which got automatically created when install motorola modem. this internal modem? this laptop?
then see if programs all XP compatible versions, especially nero. does it have driver for this burner. is it slow surfing the web also

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to
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by cyberghost_1 In reply to Installing a Motorola 56k ...

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