installing programs without administrator's rights

By shweetnsour ·
hello all

im new to the site and would like to find out is their anyway i can install software on a pc running windows xp pro , without having administrators rights, as its a pc from work and they have havent given me those rights

please any help will be much apreciated and thanks in advance

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Your best hope

by JamesRL In reply to installing programs witho ...

Is to talk to the powers that be about it and have them either give you admin rights, or install the software for you.

Some software can be installed without admin rights, depending on the installer.

But many apps require admin rights to install and/or run.

At my work, they created an admin ID for me that isn't on the domain, so that I can install software by rebooting my computer and using the admin ID (but log on as local, not on the domain). Then I reboot and logon on to the domain and everything is fine.


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the powers that be

by shweetnsour In reply to Your best hope

hi James

thanks for the reply and your help. i just have one problem though??/ The powers that be are total D...!!!!!!!'S (NO HE REALLY IS)and im prettty sure he wont help me with this, this is why i thought maybe someone knows a way around this, or even knows how to maybe crack a way into finding out the username and password of the Administrator? even if there's program that i can install that can crack this?

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by CG IT In reply to the powers that be

if the equipment is owned by the company and given to you to use for your job, then cracking the local admin account and they find out about it might cost you your job. Most every company I know of has the employee sign a document concerning company property such as laptops and the use of it. Tampering with or the installation of unauthorized software is a dismissal offense.

They will find out about it.

Browse the web you'll find sites that can help you but we can't here.

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oh my word

by shweetnsour In reply to nah

thanks for the info CG IT, i will just leave it alone then.

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Workarouds that may work

by heartrobber18 In reply to installing programs witho ...

This page describes some ways using which you can now use your favorite applications (without installing!) without Administrator privileges.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Workarouds that may work

This thread was put to bed 31 months ago.

That's over TWO AND A HALF YEARS ago !!

Then you pop up with a half-arsed offering and manage to miss off whatever you are describing.

Well done!

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Hey, Mycroft, cut the guy some slack

by neilb@uk In reply to ZOMBIE ALERT !!!!!

It's his first post here and, as he's one of our most welcome friends from the Subcontinent, you should be proffering The Hand of Friendship. He can't help being an incompetent, unobservant idiot. If you're nasty to him then he might never post again.

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You're making it worse!

by Kenone In reply to Hey, Mycroft, cut the guy ...

Stop defending him, he was better off before you jumped in on his side.

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You are correct admonishing me in this way. I apologise ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hey, Mycroft, cut the guy ...

For not noticing that the person, being that they are from the Sub-Continent, and ONLY having 25 months experience of TR, I should have realised how easily getting sucked into a Zombie Posting can be.

I'll try to be nicer next time I find a TR member with greater than 2 years experience, stepping forth into that void we all call POSTING BLINDLY.

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I already knew...

by heartrobber18 In reply to You are correct admonishi ...

Dude, I already saw the date before posting!
The only reason I made an entry is because if you search "installing without admin privileges" in G00gL3 its still one of the top three results.

And all you network administrators out there, there are ways for installing applications without administrator rights. check out my blog for details! abtevrythng(dot)blogspot(dot)com

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